Your Mobile Ad Clicks May be Worthless

Do you have ? Are you tracking them? Did you know that a recent study made by a mobile-marketing firm (Trademob) found that most mobile ad clicks are worthless? 40% of these clicks are made from accidental clicks and fraud. At the start of the year, fraud incidents accounted for 10% of these ad clicks. Now the number is 18%.

Mobile ads have proven to be an extremely difficult area of marketing in today’s world. It’s difficult to make customers click resulting to some revenue loss. Where do these worthless ad clicks come from? Well, some are generated by the developers themselves. They generate false clicks from their own servers. Another form of worthless clicks is deploying bot networks. This makes the clicks appear from different IP addresses. So, it is very hard to detect if they are frauds or not.

What can business owners do?

The main concern of your clients is security. There are a lot of malware out there targeted at smartphones and other mobile devices. Add to that, the increasing number of identity theft, fraud and personal information theft reports in the daily news. Customers are afraid to click. What you can do is team up with an expert developer who can secure your ads. You must inform your clients that their security is your priority. You must gain their trust in order for them to interact with your brand.

Another way to gain consumer trust is by being honest and sincere. Build up your product strengths instead of promising something you can’t deliver. This must translate to your ads. Don’t just hard sell. Solve a problem.

Connect to your customers through different channels. Make similar online and mobile campaigns to develop brand recognition. Familiarity is a great thing in marketing. It will be easier for your target audience to click on your mobile ad if they are familiar with your style of marketing.

Explore your options. Don’t just put all your eggs in one basket. Try different approaches in mobile marketing. Try different developers and designers. Don’t invest a huge amount on one project and one developer alone. If it blows, you end losing a lot of money. By trying different avenues, you can be sure to find the best fit. Start with more affordable services first and just build it up as you get more successful.

Mobile ads have a long way to go. As the technology for mobile devices develops, you can be sure to see a lot of improvement in the way people make and respond to mobile ads. 

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