What Is at the Center of Your Social Web?

You want to expand your reach. You want to improve your brand presence. You want people to know who you are, what you do, and why they should care. That much makes sense and that’s why you’ve implemented the strategies that you have to get yourself noticed online. The question is whether you have organized these efforts so that they serve a common goal.

More specifically, have you been working on the various social networks to grow your audience? Yes, it’s great to collect thousands of followers on Twitter and thousands of “likes” on Facebook, but it doesn’t mean nearly as much when you have these kinds of interactions in isolation. Instead, you need to start thinking with a more funnel-like mentality.

Or perhaps the image of a spider web is more appropriate. You have all of these outlying properties on the Internet, from Tumblr to Flickr, Pinterest to YouTube. All of them may be doing quite well in their own right, but do the “followers” and “fans” on each of these channels really know who you are? Do they know that you have other channels on the Internet where you reach out to the public?

This “” can grow quite vast, but the important thing to know is what you are placing at the center of that web. What are funneling into the middle so that you can feed, thrive, and succeed?

For most of us, the answer is actually quite simple: our own websites. Your main website should serve as the central hub for all of your social media efforts. Your Twitter profile should have a link to your site. Your Facebook page should have a link to your site. Your YouTube videos should have a prominent mention for your site. The list goes on and on. Keeping in mind that your site is at the center, having the right landing page is positively critical.

More likely than not, your main landing page is simply going to be the front page of your site, but this is where you will work to retain your audience and “close” the sale, so to speak. And this is where having clearly defined goals is of paramount importance too. Now that you’ve got their attention, now that they’re on your site, what do you want your audience to do?

Part of it has to do with strengthening your brand and getting that precious “mindshare” that everyone talks about, but what is your ultimate goal? If you own a car dealership, the goal is to sell that car and to gain a lifetime customer. If your business is a blog, then your goal may be to get the reader to subscribe to your RSS feed or sign up for your newsletter. Whatever the case, these goals should be clearly defined and that’s how you need to frame your strategies. But you need to funnel them into the center of the web first.

A professional freelance writer and published author, Michael Kwan has a fervent interest in technology and is actively engaged in social media. Follow him on Twitter: @michaelkwan.

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