Using Facebook and Other Social Media Websites to Generate Online Cash

As an increasingly large number of people are ditching their corporate cubicles in search of extra cash to make ends meet, the social networking websites are giving them myriad opportunities to generate online cash. Online business is an ocean of prospects for all the prospective internet marketing aspirants as you need not be a geek or a millionaire to start your own business and promote it by leveraging the social networking websites. Apart from starting a business of your own, you can even tout Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest to boost your online income. Sending a tweet, updating a status in Facebook or pinning a picture can be some of the infinite ways of interacting with people. Though everyone loves to flaunt their Facebook profiles, yet how do you actually convert this to revenue? Read on the concerns of this article to know more on this.

Getting crazy about the social media craze – Monetizing your social media profiles

Social networking websites like the Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are three of the most frequently visited websites and more and more people are signing up with such websites as this means countless business opportunities. Whether you’re a millionaire or a layman, the beauty and advantage of social media is accessible to everyone. Have a look at some ways in which you can make money through the social networking websites.

Can you use YouTube to generate enough dollars?

Determine whether or not you sell a niche product for which people might be interested in watching an instructional video. Instructional videos are incredibly popular and therefore you can use it as an advertising line. If you sell cosmetics or make-up products, you can sell and upload the make-up application tutorials online so that people may get a visual treat checking the usage of what you’re selling. As YouTube is one of the biggest video uploading websites, you can certainly make use of it to gain dollars


Twitter and Facebook are the ultimate social media Guru – Do you have your profile?

Yes, in the social media industry, Twitter and Facebook have already gained huge popularity and they’re considered as the ‘Guru’ of social media. Both Facebook and Twitter are famous for spreading the word about your business, promoting your products and getting back links to your website. Twitter can be used to brag about your promotions as you may ask your friend to re-tweet your post in order to spread the word. Facebook works in a slightly different way as you can create a Fan page and ensure that whichever kind of product you promote next; you’ll already have a dedicated list of customers. As Facebook and Twitter are brands, setting up a business page in the respective websites will even increase the bran value of your business page and thereby increase your customers.

Sell items in eBay to get rebates and also earn profits

How about starting off with an online shop on eBay? Wouldn’t this be a great idea? If you want to get a successful start, you can ensure using the social media websites to your advantage. Post what you’re selling on your Facebook page and ask your friends to re-post it to your friends. If your friends are pretty responsive in Facebook, you’ll be able to promote your eBay shop without even having to spend a penny.

Pin your interest into the newest social media craze – Pinterest

Were you of the opinion that Facebook has entirely cornered the social media market? If answered yes, you’ll be surprised to know that there’s a new website called Pinterest, into which millions of users have already pinned their interest. This is a social photo-sharing website with a pinning board and surprisingly, two-thirds of the visitors are women. So, if you’re a photo-buff, you can certainly click photos of some unusual moments and share your interest with people. This has also got huge advertisement potential and you can make money through the advertisements.

Therefore when you’re looking forward to making online money, you may leverage the social networking websites. Save enough money that you earn through so that you’ll be able to make ends meet and live a stress free life.

Paulette Noonan is a regular writer with Debt Consolidation Care Community and is also a contributory writer with other financial sites. Expertise is woven around various aspects of the debt industry and with her e-books she tries to impart to people the different situations and simple solutions to get out of difficult situations.

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