Twitter for business: The interactive approach works

There’s no doubt about it. Social media is driving the way that business is advertising and what’s even more interesting is the fact that the most successful campaigns are interactive in ways that have never been seen before. The point? There’s lots of to be made.Social Media

Twitter is a fine example of a social media tool that is ripe as a big player in this world of Internet based advertising and getting started and being successful is as easy as following a quick primer.

Getting your account up and running is pretty much a self explanatory function, but once you’re there, you need to start building a successful advertising foundation right away and the place to start is with Twitter Search. This is the tool that will help you to define or redefine your starting off point as you can get great data here on your name, the name of your competition and even words that tie together with your tweets. The more things change, the more they stay the same in at least one way and that’s gathering up some initial information on where you stand in relation to your niche market.

Remember that one of the pratfalls here for the uninitiated is self promotion. Tweets about your products and services will go over well with the converts that you’ve already made to your business, but the rest of your visitors will be turned off. There’s at least one airline on Twitter that gives travel tips and avoids hard sell techniques. The idea here is to engage and not sell overtly.

The whole social media experience has been said to rest on the laurels of value added content. That’s where you can make the money on the Internet you’re looking for.  Facts, figures and just general good information that lets people feel their brush with you has left them with something. Of course this glad-handing is a thinly disguised call to action. You want them to get interested in what it is you’ve got to sell and follow you to your website or cyber store as the case may be.

There are several techniques that are great for engaging prospects on Twitter as well and one of the best ways to draw people in is to ask questions. That’s the way to draw out the all important opinions that can help you to define and even reshape the product or service that you’ve got to sell. Finally, try to build a community by retweeting and building on other’s tweets to make money on the Internet.

Rob Starr is a content writer based in Toronto with a strong background in journalism and search engine optimised copy. The author of  three published books, he runs his own freelance Internet copywriting business.

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