Top Six Social Bookmarking Services for Website Submission

sites allow users to save web content they find valuable, while sharing it with others. If you submit your website content to the best sites, it can be passed around to thousands of people in very little time. You can also create valuable to your website through these submissions.

This is one of the most popular and active social bookmarking sites. Besides sharing bookmarks to valuable online content, members can comment on the bookmarks left by others. They can also vote new bookmarks up or down, which allows the highest ranking content to be featured on the front page of the site. You can gain substantial traffic from this site, in addition to backlinks.

This is another popular bookmarking service with a heavy membership base. Users tell the system what topics they are interested in, and are then presented related content that has been bookmarked by other members. They can also bookmark content they feel is of high value. If they like content they are shown, they vote it up. They can also vote content down, or leave no rating at all. Many users depend on this site to discover new sources for topics they want to learn more about, so your website could be discovered by new followers here.

This is one social bookmarking site that has been around a long time, so they have an active community of users. Members have a browser bar that they can click when they want to bookmark a web page to their account. Those bookmarks are seen by other members and passed around. Sign up for your own account and it is easy to add all of your best web pages into the mix.

When talking about social bookmarking, Digg will always be mentioned. This site ranks web stories according to the number of “diggs,” Facebook shares, and tweets it receives. This data is converted into a “” for that piece of content. The focus is more on news stories, rather than basic website content. The site is changing in 2012, so now is a good time to jump into the action.

This is a social bookmarking site with the atmosphere of a social networking site. Members are incredibly active, and tons of content is passed around on a daily basis. Besides sharing your content, you can join groups and learn from other website owners, marketers, and content creators.

This is classified more as a social networking site, but many online marketers and website owners are using it like a social bookmarking service. Rather than submitting your text content, you submit images with links back to their pages on your website. The image is featured on Pinterest and can be re-pinned by other site members. You can gain some traffic to your site, as well as backlinks.

You will gain traffic and backlinks when you start using these services, but remember to add icons to your website and blogs so visitors can share your content for you.

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