Top 8 Best Android Phones For Business & Marketing

There are many choices available if you desire to use your cell phone for Business and Marketing purposes. Phones that use the do have certain advantages over other platforms like Apple and the iPhone. First we will examine the benefits of the Android system itself, and then we will look at some particular, great quality phones that operate on the Android system.

Android apps are much more user friendly overall. Applications such as Google Voice are a lot easier to control with Android. With Android systems, apps can actually communicate with each other. Controlling your Android phone functions from a computer is much more straightforward than it is with Apple phones. If you need to replace a battery or upgrade your data card in an iPhone, you are out of luck. The Android phones feature a removable cover that actually allows you to access the battery and data card. Android phones support Flash programs which iPhone does not. Downloading your apps can be done right from the Android phone over the air, unlike iPhone in which you have to use your computer and iTunes. These are some of the distinct advantages in using an Android phone. Now let’s look at some of the best Android phones available.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Touch screen keyboard and a very fast performing phone. This phone is considered to be the best Android phone on the market today.

Samsung Epic Touch 4G – Excellent phone for watching videos and for web browsing. A very thin design and also has a top quality camera.

Samsung Galaxy S II – Has a huge four and a half inch display screen and can almost double as a tablet. A very powerful processor along with operating on the 4G network, this is a top of the line phone for business use.

• My Touch 4G Slide  – The full keyboard slides out from underneath the phone. Has an outstanding camera with full editing features. The Android 2.3 operating system, with the dual-core processor, makes this phone an excellent choice for a business phone.

Droid RAZR Maxx – The name Maxx signifies an improvement in the battery life over this phone’s predecessor, which was just RAZR. That was a major complaint about the previous generation and has now been remedied. The smooth running system on the 4G network makes this phone a good choice.

Droid Bionic – Features a large array of entertainment and business functions. Also many compatible accessories available to customize the phone to your liking.

Motorola Atrix 2 – Not a bad choice for the relatively low price. Soft rubber case makes for a comfortable feel. This model has a USB port and a HDMI port to plug the phone into a variety of accessories.

Motorola XPRT – The keyboard and features will impress any IT or Business professional but lacks a bit in overall display screen size. If you are used to Blackberry phones, this Android phone is very similar in many ways. Average camera and is not 4G however.

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