Top 6 Most Popular Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Website

It’s difficult to pick up any industry trade publication and not see a headline article touting the benefits of . However, it can be difficult to find straight facts about which strategies are the best in today’s market. To help get you started down the path to success, here is a list of the top 6 most popular and successful strategies for your website.

#1 – YouTube Marketing
Most marketers will stick to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but the big traffic is over at YouTube. Recent studies show that mobile web users spend more time looking at video today than ever before. Embed a viral video into your blog post using the YouTube code provided. Combine your social media marketing efforts by sharing the video on your blog via Facebook or other social networks, sending the traffic directly to your embedded version of the video, not the YouTube page.

#2 –
The real secret to success both in social media marketing and in search engine optimization is to create quality, original, relevant content that will naturally attract your target demographic to your site. Content that is engaging, well-written, educational, controversial or entertaining will not only attract fresh traffic, but will also get your posts and articles shared, increasing your reach beyond your initial marketing campaign.

#3 – Twitter Hashtags
You don’t even need to have a large volume of followers on Twitter to be able to use this strategy. Just post a link to your website or blog post on your Twitter account and use relevant hashtags, such as #yourproduct, #yourbrand, #yourindustry, etc. The Twitter search engine will automatically link your tweet in with other relevant keywords that are searched for and clicked on by other users, helping you to increase traffic and visibility.

#4 – Consistency is Key
Whatever social media network you prefer to use to reach potential customers, make sure you use it consistently. Posting on a regular basis helps, scheduling daily and multiple daily posts will ensure that you do it right each and every time. Followers, fans and readers enjoy reading posts that come in regularly and predictably, providing useful news, information, insights, humor, tips or other relevant content.

#5 – Interact and Engage
In addition to posting consistently, you also need to stay on top of comments, questions and other posts made by your readers. Social media is a great way to interact with your customers by answering questions, responding to issues or complaints and solving problems. Respond to each and every post. Use a social media tracker or alert system to help you stay on top of your posts without having to spend too much time online each day.

#6 – Don’t Sell
The most important rule of social media marketing is to throw out everything you’ve ever learned about sales and marketing. Talk with your followers, interact with them on a friendly, non-sales, non-aggressive level and they will respond positively in turn.

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