Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Business & Marketing

Plugins are one of the best things about WordPress. Plugins are uploaded right from the WordPress platform without the need to know any coding. That makes it very easy for new business owners to customize their websites without paying hundreds of dollars for a web programmer. The hardest task for new businesses is sorting through the thousands of plugins in order to find one that suits their needs. In order to help with that task, here’s the for small businesses for your business and marketing needs.

All-in-One SEO

Let’s face it. Search Engine Optimization is a must for any website. Small businesses are no exception. This plugin gives webmasters easy access to all of the SE settings associated with their website.

Google Analyticator

This is one of the two Google plugins that are essential for WordPress websites. Analyticator is one of the best measuring systems known to exist. It gives webmasters easy access to essential traffic information.

Google XML Sitemaps

Updating the XML sitemap for a website is important. It keeps the search engines up-to-date on any new content. This plugin makes that task very easy. It will index posts as soon as the ‘Publish’ button is pushed.


Okay. So this plugin comes with WordPress but that’s no reason not to mention it in this list. It does a great job of keeping spam away from a website.


Mobile internet is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. So giving people mobile access to a business website is a great way to get more traffic. The cool thing about WPtouch is that once it’s installed, it will automatically make build mobile access to the website. That allows easy access for both PC users and mobile users alike.

Automatic WordPress Backup

Backing up a website is essential to maintaining a business. This plugin allows webmasters to quickly and safely back up a website to an Amazon S3 account. Therefore, if the worst happens at least the site won’t be lost.


This plugin allows webmasters to easily share their content with social media platforms. Although there are a lot of different plugins that allow for this, Socialble puts the all in one easy to use platform.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a plugin that helps speed up a website. Traffic spikes can dramatically slow down a website. This plugin keeps that from happening.

Gravity Forms

Although Gravity Forms is a premium plugin, it can be very important for gathering information from customers. Therefore, this plugin is worth the money.

Scribe SEO

Another premium plugin. This one takes out the guess work when optimizing a website for search engines. The best thing is that is integrates perfectly with All-in-One SEO (mentioned earlier on this list). It gives webmasters an easy way to evaluate content and make sure it’s getting the attention of search engines. For anyone who is not an SEO expert, this plugin is a necessity.

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