Top 10 Technology Trends for Business in 2012

Every year new technology is released that seems to revolutionize the way professionals interact and conduct business. Whether it’s the latest powerful laptop, a sleek new smartphone, creative mobile apps, or new Internet technologies, tech innovation helps the business world stay connected. That being said, keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult, as the sheer amount of new products and services can be staggering. Not only that, but who’s to say the newest, hottest trend won’t be obsolete within the year? Keeping those factors in mind, here are 10 predictions for useful tech trends and updates in 2012.

Geo-spacial Visualization —

For those dealing in the visualization sector, geospatial — a process that takes advantage of geographical, location-aware data — is primed to be huge in 2012.

Digital Identities — 

With more and more people maintaining a digital presence, it’s only natural to protect that presence. Companies and individuals will continue to create unique online identities through social media platforms and other programs.

Data Value —

Seemingly every day organizations are using Internet search technology to maximize the value of online content. Optimization is a trend that can lead to further innovations in 2012.

Measure Innovation —

This is a tactic used to manage business as well as IT through discovery of the next wave of disruption. This helps to launch innovation that can fuel disruption in order to create measurable value for a business.

Outside-in Architecture —

This is likely to be popular in 2012 due to the ever-increasing need for business models to be flexible in today’s global economy. While a standard enterprise-out business design pattern has been the norm, an outside-in approach based on evolving ecosystems could be the best approach to delivering business in 2012.

Social Business —

Social networking sites aren’t just for teenagers and young adults anymore. Social media has fundamentally reshaped how much of the world’s business is done and this trend is likely to continue in 2012.

Hyper-Hybrid Cloud —

Cloud computing, long touted as the wave of the near-future, is already revolutionizing business efficiency. Cloud-based integration is expected to evolve significantly through 2012 and organizations will find there are new methods of integrating and managing data transmission across Cloud platforms.

Mobile Applications —

Mobile apps are already making businesses adjust their models. The sheer amount of mobile applications will lead to many businesses in 2012 will make these solutions enterprise class, meaning they will be integrated into whole office systems.

Gamification — 

Day-to-day business processes are finding gaming mechanics integral. This trend will continue in 2012.

User Empowerment —

Internet technology is no longer built from the program up. Cloud and other technology has turned IT into a democratic process built from the user down. In 2012 users will continue to dictate technological trends and the processes will follow accordingly.

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