Top 10 Mobile Antivirus For Business & Marketing

According to a statement reported by software giant McAfee, the growth and spread of malware on mobile devices has escalated to tremendous new heights. In addition, their 2010 McAfee Threats Report says mobile malware threats have increased by more than 40% since last year. Until recently, security of Android mobile OS-based devices and mobile phone gadgets weren’t totally contravened in any significant way. The majority of breaches were reported from devices operating on Windows and Symbian. Nevertheless, the previous reports of Trojan attacks on Android devices have drastically transformed the mobile security landscape. This resulted in the emergence of new mobile antivirus software for both mainstream and business applications.

1. AVG Mobile security

The software renders innovative security software for Android users who are capable of downloading the antivirus software on to the portable device or installing it on their desktop computer, which will then be scanned for any viruses.

2. Kaspersky Mobile Security

The software safeguards smartphones and Android phones from malware and network barrages by rendering protection for the device from damage and potential risks, such as real-time anti-malware scanning, automated updates, impediment of potentially damaging network connections and so on.

3. ESET Mobile Security

ESET renders full protection for Windows Mobile and Symbian Android phones by protecting it from the most advanced viral threats and malware. Main features of the software include accessible and on-demand scanning, intuitive firewall, remote wipe, SIM matching and security auditing.

4. Bull Guard Mobile Security

This premier antivirus software provides a comprehensive range of mobile security features that are reliable and trusted when it comes to mobile antivirus protection. The software is deemed to give full protection from spyware, digital scams and frauds and viral attacks online.

5. McAfee Mobile Security

The McAfee Mobile Security for Enterprise is streamline managed anti-malware software that scans and cleanses the mobile system, bypassing further corruption of files and information from viruses, worms, Trojans and other potentially harmful codes.

6. Lookout Mobile Security

Stated by its developer, the software is deemed to be distinctly developed and bred for mobile phone protection against attacks, such as spyware, malware, and privacy-violating programs downloaded. Lookout ensures round the clock connectivity with its clients and software users for the most updated and exhaustive protection 24/7.

7. F-Secure Mobile Security

F-Secure Mobile Security generally allows secured mobile web browsing and assists in protection of information contained within the mobile device. It also gives protection for confidential business data and even personal information from viral attacks and malware while also protecting your online presence from identity theft.

8. Norton Smartphone Security

Aside from their well respected anti-virus software for desktop computers, Norton also created and designed a separate Smartphone Security Software designed to safeguard the privacy and personal data on MS Windows or Symbian operated mobile device. It inhibits hackers and unauthorized personnel from using any data or spying on the individual during their presence in public networks.

9. Trend Micro Mobile Security

This software product holds its ground as one of the top 10 best antivirus software today. Trend Micro Mobile Security protects data against unintentional loss or identity theft. The software also optimizes the levels of protection while lowering the complexities of use.

10. Dr Web Mobile Security Suite

The program renders protection for mobile gadgets using Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian operating system. the advantages include: High-speed scan, Reliable resident protection, Flexible configuration, Minimum system load, Low updating traffic, Flexible configuration, Easy management, User-friendly interface, Protection from unwanted incoming calls and SMS.

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