Top 10 iPad Apps For Business & Marketing

In today’s modern technological age electronic devices, such as the iPad, have revolutionized the way people conduct business and do work. Mobile devices allow users to take care of business almost anywhere in the world. However, the real key to conducting business on a tablet like the iPad lies in the mass amounts of mobile applications available for the unit. So many mobile apps help the everyday user conduct business while on the go. Listed below are 10 great business apps for the iPad. Tim Handorf of Best Colleges Online did a great job providing an informative article on 16 Incredible iPad Apps for ESL Learners, you may also want to check that out as well

10 great business apps for the iPad

Sorted — Price: 1 dollar

This task-management app is one of the most simple on the market and that is its main selling point. The interface is easy to use and straightforward, allowing the user to enter and erase tasks with the tap or swipe of a finger. The app can also manage lists, apply color-coded labels and even add due dates.

Some of the features include: 

• Simple and intuitive interface
• Set and Forget™ with alarms
• Set due dates and repeating tasks
• Assign and customise priority status
• Swipe to complete an item
• Auto sort by priority, due date or completed
• Manual reordering of tasks
• Simple list browsing
• Email your tasks to anyone
• Built on core data for speed
• Universal build
Awesome Currency Calculator — Price: 2 dollars

This app is ideal for those who travel the globe for business purposes. This calculator program allows the user to convert dollars to and from 160 different world currencies. The app is regularly updated and the user can even calculate tax. Currency Calculator is designed and engineered exclusively for the iPad, it is easy to use and it also keeps track of the full conversion and calculation process, it’s got an inbuilt help as well

iBrainstorm — Free














This is a creative app that allows colleagues to interact with one another via Bluetooth connection. Colleagues can post notes on a main display board and other users can make notes around the digital stickies or remove them altogether.

For the best connectivity between iBrainstorm and iBrainstorm Companion:
• use a wifi local connection

If there is no wifi connection available:
• turn off wifi on all devices
• turn on Bluetooth on all devices
• start the iPad session first, click on the connection icon – second from the right – and then launch your iPhone apps

Minimal Folio — 3 dollars














Minimal Folio is good for those who may need to make snap presentations on the fly. Users can import photos, PDF documents and other media into columns on screen. The media can then be arranges with a few swipes of the finger and then be presented in a slideshow. Demo videos and more can be found here

iA Write — 5 dollars

iA write is a text-editing app with a helping of creative features. iA write allows the user to highlight text while writing and the app also keeps track of active words and displays them at the top of the screen. There is also a reading-time indicator that shows how long a reader will take to get through a certain paragraph.

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Chimpadeedo — Free

This app works in conjunction with the Mailchimp e-mail marketing service. Users can use this app to transfer emails at functions or events straight onto their iPad.

iTranslate — Free

Business travelers to foreign countries have no need for a pocket translator if they have iTranslate. This app can translate words into 50 different languages and the information is displayed as quickly as the user can type it in.

Cisco WebEx — Free

This app works with Cisco’s WebEx conference software. The app allows the user to follow presentations, live chat and generally partake in a meeting while on the go.

Square — Free

This app turns the iPad into a monetary transaction machine. Its sleek interface allows the user to make credit card transactions for their business.

Dropbox — Free

Cloud computing is very popular and this app allows the user to store and sync among various devices and computers. It helps you bring your files with you when you’re on the go, add files to your Favorites for fast, offline viewing, easily upload photos and videos to Dropbox, share freely with family and friends

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One Response to “Top 10 iPad Apps For Business & Marketing”

  1. Samia Lee says:


    I often use my iPad at work especially for meetings. I used as note taking application EverNote and then Awesome Note for a long time and their ability to sync but both had a disadvantage ; the lack of features to accommodate tasks, to-do and make monitoring.
    So I was seeking an alternative application to save time for my meeting. I have almost tested all the apps on Notes/ ToDo on the Appstore and I must admit I am still surprised they do not fit with a pro use. I have discovered Beesy, an note taking and management app ToDo which include taking notes with a business way. I have tried for a month and until now i’m really satisfied by Beesy. It’s really efficient and maybe the only disadavantage is you need a bit time to use it efficiently.

    I love shortcuts of Beesy’s icons in order to use it quicky and easily add notes. Also, the advantage is to submit easily by email minutes about my different meeting
    If you are interested you can google “Beesy” of go to the application’s website

    I strongly recommend you Beesy because you can start appreciating meeting again and yu save a lot of time a work.

    All the best,


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