Top 10 iPad 3 Accessories For Business & Marketing

With the outbreak of the new, improved iPad 3, businesspeople throughout the world are discovering some useful benefits with this new device. One of these benefits is the ever-improving technological invention that aids in the act of doing business, and even more rewarding, increased overall profits. However, the iPad 3 alone cannot, by itself, support the average businessperson; accessories have increasingly advanced into powerful conduits that make the experience of working with an iPad 3 so much better. In the subsequent section of this article I’ll explain further about which exact are best for businesspeople and marketers alike.

1. Targus Versavu Keyboard Case: There’s no doubt that Targus produces to best-crafted cases for iPads: every review for their products are almost invariably positive. This iPad 3 case offers a lot for iPad owners: The best protection from scratches and dirt; Bluetooth capabilities; a rotatable stand; and its pre-installed keyboard, which makes typing on an iPad much easier.

2. Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad: Another useful accessory that speeds up one’s iPad use is Wacom Bamboo’s specially designed stylus for the iPad. A unique feature contained within their styluses is its added weight, which gives its user the impression of using a real pen.

3. JustMobile Car Charger: In our modern world, businesspeople are increasingly on the move. Because of this, it’s essential for professionals to have a mobile car charger on hand to remedy any low-charge emergencies on their iPads.

4. Snugg Headrest Mount: This accessory exemplifies the ever-increasing mobile usage abilities of the iPad. The Snugg Headrest Mount is an easy device to utilize: It allows for the iPad 3 to remain in its case while in its headrest and allows for easy removal from its mount; no tedious procedures at all.

5. Clara-Guard Screen: It’s of vital importance for any businessperson to keep their iPad 3 looking professional and clean; the Clara-Guard Screen is the best screen protector that enables this cleanliness.

6. Newgen CRIPAD51 5-in-1 Card Reader: Apple unfortunately failed to include a SD card reader with the iPad. Fortunately, this ailment doesn’t inhibit the average businessperson from using their SD cards in their iPads: Newgen provides a wonderfully tiny device that performs this service extraneously.

7. Apple Digital AV Adapter: Business people and marketers assert that Apple’s Digital AV Adapter is one of their most-used accessories; it aids them in their presentations, among other things.

8. Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad: Typing on the iPad’s touchscreen is, to some, laborious and slow. This predicament can be alleviated with the use of a personal Bluetooth Keyboard that closely resembles Apple’s well-known keyboard,

9. AmazonBasics Netbook Bag with Handle: This iPad 3 carrier should be in the inventory of every businessperson and marketer; it makes the iPad 3 less troublesome during long business trips.

10. Trent iCruiser External Battery Pack and Charger: Yet another battery aid for those chance occurrences when an iPad runs out of battery, the Trent iCruiser is another fundamental ingredient in preserving the iPad 3’s battery life.

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