Top 10 Google Apps & Tools For Business & Marketing

Google has utilized the latest technology in order to construct some of the best applications for businesses of all sizes. 4 million businesses are using Google Apps. There is a Google website that allows you to shop for the app services that will best fit your business needs. It is called Google Apps for Business. There is a small fee per user per month and there is a 30 day free trial. Google Apps for businesses are mainly communication and collaboration tools. As the host of these apps, Google makes setup low maintenance and easy. This in turn reduces the amount of money that businesses need to spend on information technology costs. We will highlight 10 of the top apps offered by Google Apps in no particular order.

1. Google Cloud Connect: This is one of the most useful apps available. Google Cloud Connect is made to work for Microsoft Office. It allows users to collaborate and work together at the same time on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations over the web. This is great for the brainstorming and planning phases of business projects. Everyone gets to add their input and it is documented in real-time. It is great for workers who have to travel and work on the go.

2. Google Calendar: This is a convenient tool to keep everyone updated and on time when it comes to deadlines and appointments. You can set appointments and send them to people to get their response. You can create multiple calendars and choose which ones you would like to be private, public or shared with certain people.

3. AdWords: This is a great tool to use if you would like to advertise your business on Google and Google’s advertising network.

4. DoubleClick for Advertisers: If you decide to advertise your business online, this app will help you to manage different aspects of your ads.

5. Analytics: To get a picture of how your business website is doing use Analytics. It will provide information by analyzing the traffic that goes through your website.

6. Blogger: Get customers and/or employers more engage in your business by keeping them up to date with the latest developments going in with your business. You can also talk about current events and notable things going on in the fields related to your business.

7. Custom Search: Add this feature to your business website to make it more user-friendly for visitors who are looking for specific information, services or products provided by your business.

8. Webmaster Tools: This app will help a business to increase its online presence by improving the business website’s visibility.

9. Website Optimizer: This will help you to build the most effective website for your business.

10. Translator Toolkit: If you would like to expand your customer base, grow by crossing cultural boundaries and breaking language barriers. The Translator Toolkit will help you to translate your documents and pages.
There are many more Google Apps to take advantage of. Do a bit of shopping on Google’s’ website to check them out and find out what will best serve you and your business.

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