Top 10 Gadgets For Business & Marketing

Business and Marketing go hand and hand. With the flux of technology today, there are so many gadgets to choose from there must be a top list of the best gadgets somewhere. Through strenuous research and mind boggling analyzing, this list is a compilation of the top ten and marketing. It may not be the perfect list for everyone, but it does cover quite a bit of gadgetry.

1. Blackberry Playbook
The Blackberry’s answer to the iPad provides plenty of memory and hard drive space. With a broad range of industrious software, bespoke business apps, innovative email support, and a host of other goodies, there is no reason for you to be disconnected from your business while on the go.

2. Motorola Atrix 4G
This is the super smartphone that gives entrepreneurs plenty of leeway. It basically converts into a complete laptop computer.

3. Jawbone Era
This is a hands-free Bluetooth headpiece that permits users to receive their calls while out and about. However, there is something extra with this gadget. The headset contains motion controls, which means that it can be attached to a mobile phone, or with the touch of a finger, an incoming call can be answered.

4. Iomega SuperHero
This gadget allows you to back-up any contacts and photos to a protected memory card while setting in its hold. The convenience of this gadget is its data transferable properties to your laptop and any other convenient place.

5. GoFlex HDD
This external hard drive is compatible with PCs and Macs, and is only 9mm thick. For speedy large volume information transfer, this is the perfect gadget for business and marketing.

6. Vue Personal Video Network
This sensational video network comes with two cameras that can be connected to a wireless video stream. This gadget is great for presentation, conferencing, and webinars.

7. TripButler WiFi
The TripButler is a portable WiFi component that connects to at least five mechanisms. This cuts down on roaming charges while businesses take care of marketing and other necessities.

8. Mushroom Green Zero Wall Travel Charger
This apparatus disconnects after any device is completely charged, saving time and energy for businesses.

9. i’M Watch 
This gadget is worn on the wrist and links wirelessly to your smart phone by means of a Bluetooth and shows emails, texts, and calls. It is a must have for small businesses owners who travel constantly.

10. Polaroid SC1630 Camera backed by Android
This gadget was recently introduced and is supported by Google’s Android operating system. It permits instantaneous sharing through more than 400,000 applications, including a superb camera, memory, and microSD card.

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