Top 10 Best Twitter Tools For Business & Marketing

It has become no secret that the social network Twitter has taken the world by storm. Through Twitter, businesses have become more well known, more personable, and more successful. But with so many tools available to help achieve these results, how can you know which ones are the best? Luckily, this list has been compiled to get you the results you are hoping for. Here are the top 10 for business and marketing.

10. Buzzom

Starting off the list is Buzzom. This application provides you with the ability to manage your followers and who you follow. You can also measure your performance and control the Twitter feed, allowing you to post your tweets to other social networking sites such as Facebook.
9. Twellow – 











While this is not specifically an application like Buzzom, this is a website that allows you to find businesses and make connections with them. If you are using Twitter to connect your business to other businesses, Twellow is the way to go.
8. Trendrr – 














Trendrr is the total package for the tracking and managing of your social media brand. Trendrr helps keep track of up to date web search results, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


7. TwitterFeed – 












TwitterFeed can be used for great things. TwitterFeed is one of the most widely used tools for twitter feeds and can help bring more  hits to your website.
6. SocialToo – 












SocialToo helps to provide a different way to use Twitter. SocialToo lets you do things such as send out a daily tweet. Additionally, SocialToo allows you to produce a survey and create campaigns for your business.

5. ObjectiveMarketer – 














ObjectiveMarketer helps you with the ability to launch and track a Twitter marketing campaign. It allows you to see what strategies may or may not be working for you.

4. TwitHawk – 

This service lets you track keywords and see how often they are searched for or used.

3. Media Funnel












This service lets you easily move between Twitter accounts, as well as set times to send out certain tweets such as event reminders.

2. CoTweet – 

















Just like Media Funnel, CoTweet lets you sign into multiple accounts and track trends. However, this is one of the easiest services to use, placing it higher on the list than Media Funnel.

1. HootSuite








HootSuite is the definitive Twitter application. Using this, you can add multiple users and give them access to tweet from your main account, this is very useful for when your twitter account is built for business purposes.

Using these tools and applications, Twitter can help your business in many ways. You just need to make sure you’re using the right Twitter application. Now with this list, you can do it!

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