Top 10 Best Technology Tools for Business & Marketing

Today most firms hire social media experts to guide their marketing decisions. In fact, social media, digital technology, and the concept of marketing have almost become synonymous. Whether or not your company is fully implementing digital tools could spell the difference between plentiful sales or a total slump.

#10 – LinkedIn

One of the best resources for networking, communication, and even business-to-business sales opportunities. LinkedIn provides many of the social media tools of Facebook, but tailored for a busy professional who may not have the patience for Facebook’s many distractions.

#9 – WordPress

In the days before WordPress, elaborate site design required many hours of PhP coding and thousands of dollars spent toward web designers. Today, WordPress site technology simplifies formerly complex aspects of web-design through templates and plugins that allows a novice to create a social-media driven site in hours.

#8 – Babelfish

Quick, effective online translation software like Babelfish assists with everything from multilingual marketing campaigns to helping clear up communication failures among clients in a distant country. Higher-end software offers real time options that are even more effective.

#7 – Tumblr

This could actually be a combination of Tumblr, Digg, and various other social media platforms that direct users toward sites that match their interests. These types of sites have an addictive quality, and millions of people use Tumblr for hours at a time enjoying random, yet specific, web-content. It makes an excellent resource for promoting a new site or product.

# 6 – YouTube

A must for any video marketing campaign. YouTube is the source of the viral video phenomenon, and a video that grows in popularity could spell millions of dollars—just ask the ShamWow guy.

#5 – Cloud Technology

A general business enhancer, cloud-based platforms allow firms to store terabytes of data through remote servers that can be accessed from anywhere with a secured connection, assisting with the trading and storing of huge design files.

#4 – Twitter

One of our era’s primary social media platforms. A marketing campaign in the 21st century is virtually unheard of without using Twitter to tweet bits of promo to potential customers.

#3 – Skype

Almost no other communication technology compares to the power of the Skype service that allows long-distance video conferences and low-cost phone calls. This technology makes the stuff we saw in Back to the Future II pale in comparison.

#2 – Facebook

The ultimate social media resource, almost a sixth of the world population uses Facebook, and it’s currently the hub of online marketing and media. Although most companies now have a Facebook presence, the question is whether or not your firm is fully utilizing Facebook and hiring the right talent to keep an entertaining, informative page.

#1 – Google Analytics

There is probably no better resource for any marketing campaign than Google Analytics. Easily attachable to a WordPress site, Analytics will track every detail of your page views, including how people are finding your product. Best of all, Analytics is completely free.

In Summary

Social media technology is prevalent with every business, but very few businesses utilize the full potential of these resources. And, those that do have an undeniable edge in their marketing campaigns.

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