Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for Business and Marketing

Given the popularity of smartphones at this time, it is not surprising that there are more and more great apps emerging from all platforms. Whether you have an iPhone, Android device or a Windows Phone, you can keep yourself entertained, productive and organized right at your fingertips. Many individuals rely on their smartphone for business and marketing purposes as well, and there are plenty of great apps in this area.

(Mobile Office Suite) is a free app for iPhone at the App Store. You can edit and manage your documents and sync your documents with Google Documents and even open all your files on your computer.

is a great app you can download to your Android smartphone for free from Google Play. It allows you to view your Word, PowerPoint and Excel files all in one place and supports multiple formats.

is a free app that is available for users of Windows Phone. You can create your very own business card in digital format, which is a great marketing tool. You can send your card via SMS or email and save it as an image to your Pictures Hub.

is a free app you can download to your iPhone that is easy to use. You can create, open, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from your device. You can also easily transfer your documents from your iPhone to your computer whenever you want.

+ (PDF and HD) is a free app that is available on Google Play for your Android phone. The app allows you to create, view, edit and share your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and to view PDF files.

• Marketing is a free app that is available for Windows Phone users. It is essentially a collection of great useful articles written by leaders in the field that can give you some insight as to how to best operate your business.

is an app for iPhone that allows you to access your PC from anywhere, directly at your fingertips. It specifically supports Windows 7 systems.

• Adobe CreatePDF is an Android app that costs $9.99. It allows you to convert documents to PDF format or create a PDF from scratch right on your smartphone.

is $3.99 at the Windows Marketplace and is great to have when you have to calculate business expenses. You can create reports right on your phone and email them as Excel spreadsheets.

is 99 cents on the App Store and is helpful to have on your iPhone when you need to learn all of the terminology of the field of marketing. You can test yourself with flash cards within the app, which is wonderful for marketing students.

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