Top 10 Best BlackBerry Apps for Business and Marketing

It’s no secret that many people use a BlackBerry smartphone for business purposes. Given that the device had business and marketing professionals in mind when it was unveiled years ago, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of great apps relating to those topics for BlackBerry. Some of the best are worth investigating, downloading and using often.


• Evernote is a great free app that BlackBerry users will find helpful in taking important notes or for making memos and lists as well as other things. Generally, you can store tons of information in the app directly on your device. You can even sync them on your home or work computer.

Add to Calendar Email Task Memo – Pro Version

• Add to Calendar Email Task Memo – Pro Version is $4.99 at BlackBerry’s market. It allows you to seamlessly integrate between your device’s native PIM applications. You can create a task, memo or appointment from your emails or text messages simply with a click. It is easy and convenient and lets you forego unnecessary scrolling.

Business Card Reader

• Business Card Reader is an app that costs $9.99. To use it, you merely have to take a photo of someone’s business card, which automatically incorporates the individual as a new contact in your BlackBerry. Autofocus is required to use it.

Remote Print

• Remote Print costs $4.99 and allows you to print any document from your BlackBerry wirelessly from a supported printer via Wi-Fi or BES.

Convert to PDF

• Convert to PDF is a great app that is $1.99. It effortlessly enables you to convert files in nearly all formats to a PDF.

My Sales Opportunities

• My Sales Opportunities is a very useful BlackBerry app that allows you to create sales goals for your business. It costs $7.99 and allows you to stay on top of potential sales opportunities, manage your contacts and much more.

Advanced Conference Call

• Advanced Conference Call is a great app you can get for $20 on BlackBerry App World. It allows up to five people to talk in a conference call at once over wireless service or Wi-Fi, which is great for conducting an important business meeting.

Documents to Go Premium 2.0

• Documents to Go Premium 2.0 is $15 and allows you to create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly at your fingertips on your BlackBerry.


• miTimesheet is $3.99 and is great for small businesses. With it, you can create and keep track of timesheets toward your time spent working. You can divide hours spent on each project and for each client.

Billable Hours

• Billable Hours costs $1.99 and enables you to track your hours spent working directly on your BlackBerry. It is great for independent small business employees to keep track of their work hours.

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