Top 10 Best Apps For Business & Marketing

Downloadable business applications can help you increase productivity, streamline your business-building efforts and help you manage your business on a day-to-day basis. Whether you run a sole proprietorship or manage several levels of employees, apps on your smartphone can help you run your business from the palm of your hand. Consider these 10 apps to help you market and run your business.

Mighty Meeting

This free app lets you upload and save business presentations to cloud storage then use them later for an on-the-spot business presentation. Perfect for market overviews or sales pitches, you can also hook-up to an overhead projector for a presentation they won’t forget. It is a cloud-based tool designed to facilitate the sharing of presentations from any place, at any given point in time, it only requires an Internet or 3G connection. The cloud-based hosting system allows access from iPads, iPhones, Androids or the web, from where they can share presentations with anyone who has an email address – without the need for a laptop

allows you to store and organize your contacts and various types of correspondence in one place with this free app. When your contacts’ information changes, easily changes it for you so you don’t lose track of important business contacts, For internet marketers, it’s all about speed and information and offers you just that.

Jump Desktop

Access your desktop computer remotely with . At $19.99, this app saves you the trouble of having to head back to the office for important documents needed for on-site business meetings.

$39.99 might sound like a lot for an app but it’s a great deal if you need an assistant and can’t afford one. This tech-based executive assistant helps you organize, prioritize and synchronize.  is intended to help with organizational productivity


Never miss a sale with this free credit card reader application. There’s no contract or monthly fee with ; you’re only charged if you use the app, with a low fee of 2.75 percent per transaction.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Cloud-based storage is the way to go to prevent losing important business information and documents on your mobile device. Rather than spend money making monthly payments for storage you can use this free app from Amazon.


If Post-Its and To-Do lists are cluttering your desk, reclaim your space with . Record, categorize and review all your notes and business tasks easily with this free app.


Keep in touch with clients and employees worldwide without having to pay a huge company phone bill at the end of the month. You can download to your smartphone for free and use it wherever and whenever you’re online.

Daylite Touch

Track productivity and manage your team with . This handy application helps you keep the entire team on the same page by allowing you to share updates, developments and schedule changes.


Tracking expenses and creating reports is a task many business people dread. makes it easy by taking information from receipts you’ve photographed with your phone, disseminates it and places it all into the appropriate categories to help you create your expense reports.

The above apps can help you increase your organization, manage your business and your employees, and reach potential customers. The business-building efforts far exceed the small investment needed for a few of the apps and the rest offer a great return for zero investment. Effective apps can help you turn the boring, mundane tasks you hate doing into easily-accomplished tasks that pave the way toward a better business.

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