Three Tools for Marketing that Blog

If you’ve been paying close attention and trying to keep up with all the different ways those optimization and mobile apps winds keep shifting prospect’s attention, you’ll have come to the same conclusion that many of us interested in making have—blogs matter.

They’re like an anchor that keeps the boat of your business and you from being blown away on all the latest fads (remember how video was going to be the end of written content?) and whether you call them websites or blogs, there are a few tricks that keep them ripe, fresh and attractive to people looking for what you’ve got to sell.

That said, here’s three tools for marketing those blogs that will help you to make money on the Internet.

  1. Use the right software. Fresh content on a constant basis is still the best of platforms and you’ll need the best CMS techniques that are easy to use and add content to. WordPress is still head and shoulders above the rest. One of the biggest pluses here is the fact that you can easily customize any page.
  2. Post regularly. Even if you’re using the site to show off the goods and services that you’re putting out into the world and that part of the content is otherwise stagnant, set up a blog that links to the main site and add optimized content on a regular basis and links to pages on the landing page and inside.
  3. Track your progress. Google Analytics is one of the more traditional ways to see how many people are looking at your blog and where they come from. You’ll even be able to see what pages are the most popular and how long each visitor spends on your blog. All extremely useful stuff when it comes to gauging which of the keywords that you are using are having the best impact.

There’s really no way around seo and using the right keywords either. When you get a skilled writer working for you either writing the copy themselves or editing what you’ve done, the keywords will blend in so they’re almost imperceptible as tools to get a point across and increase rankings at the same time. In many cases, making money on the Internet means knowing the difference between what’s only a passing fancy and what’s been around long enough to have entrenched itself to good purpose. Even with social media and mobile apps crowding the scene today, you can’t go wrong promoting your business with a good blog.






Rob Starr is a content writer based in Toronto with a strong background in journalism and search engine optimised copy. The author of  three published books, he runs his own freelance Internet copywriting business.

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