Social Networking Websites that Pay you For Socialising

Social Media and Social Media space is already a multi billion dollar market, majority of us are already using some of the websites out there for either fun, networking with friends, etc, which is cool, I am one of them even though I barely spend time using it outside business purposes these days, a lot of websites out there don’t pay you for your activities on the internet but supposing I tell you there are websites out here that don’t just provide avenue or platform for socialising, virtual interaction, networking, building relationships,  or fun but they also pay you for spending time on their website doing whatever you love doing there. I have taken a close look at this market (Social media market) which is growing phenomenally at a very alarming rate, this market is huge, trust me, and I have been able to come up some of these sites that, although not so popular but they add more value by  sending you cash for socializing

1# Mypage5

Mypage5 is another money making social networking website out there. Your sign up bonus is $5 for just signing up and you get paid for almost every activity you do online and it goes like this: You get paid 4 cents for setting up your blog, another 1 cent for commenting on blog, 3 cent for uploading videos, 1 cent for commenting on videos, 1 cent for posting classifieds, 1 cent for starting a topic in group, 1 cent for commenting on group post, 1 cent for profile comment, 1 cent for uploading photos, 1 cent for photo comment, and 5% of all the earnings your referral makes. It goes on and on and on.

2# Gather

Gather is a social networking website where millions of people come for a fresh perspective on what’s happening now, Gather members can share their own views and join in conversations with others who share their interests, along the line they can gather points and later redeem them for gift cards from Amazon, star bucks, targets, the gap, home depot etc. Gather users can equally redeem points and cash them out via PayPal. The points you gather depends on your content quality, the better the content, the more the points.

3# Apsense

Apsense is a business social network where people of the same interests come together to share their businesses through networking, building bridges, exploring and creating quality business content. There are also tools to help you connect with potential partners and contributors to your business building. Apsense shares up to 85 percentage of revenue with the user. With Apsense, anyone can build their own private social network, you can also join interested business groups, you can explore articles, group discussions, revpages, and talents, create and publish your own articles, and participate in business discussions etc. you can earn revenue by selling ad spaces and promoting your business ideas.

4# Flixya

Flixya is a social networking platform that pays it’s members 100% Ads revenue

“Unlike any other website on the Internet, Flixya combines a social media networking platform that leverages a long feature set for sharing  digital media content. In addition, a scalable and effective method to monetize members content at 100%.  Above all else, Flixya continues to focus on building tools for the Flixya community to publish, distribute and monetize digital media.”

5# Sidetick

Sidetick is a social networking website that pays you for referring friends. You get paid $1 for joining and $1 for every person that joins the network as your referral, You can equally make money by participating in grou discussions, creating video status updates, contests and surveys.

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