Social Media News: This Week in Review

Instagram is still dominating the headlines, 2 weeks after the acquisition of instagram by Facebook, according to reports by wall street journal, the initial asking price was $2 billion but it was later sealed at $1 billion, Mark Zuckerberg sealed the deal himself within 3 days [Wall Street Journal]

Battle for the Social Media Space: From Facebook’s latest acquisition to the increasing number of investments in startup social networking sites, Path has just raised $40 million, it is expected to rival Facebook, Google is expanding reaching out to Africa, Asia and other emerging markets, it appears the battle is just beginning, this social media business is beginning to get more interesting. [The Next Web]

Social media and the Olympics. Ah, you may wish to check out this to see how social media will shake up the Olympic games that will be held in London this year. [Olympic’s Athletes Hub]

Facebook’s traffic overtakes Google in Brazil during the Weekend

On April First of 2012, Facebook became the most visited website in Brazil overtaking Google taking away 11% of all the internet traffic in the country [The Next Web]

French Election and the Use of Social Media. Social media is increasingly playing more roles in politics, it did it in the last US presidential election, it can do it again in the French elections predicting the election results. [CNN]

Google’s Cloud service: Google Drive is likely to be released soon. Google’s cloud service which leaked during an employee presentation could mean one thing: early public release, I can hardly wait to see it released! [Mashable]

Google and Facebook needs to be Proactive and adapt as users embrace ‘Unsocial’ Networks. As more users are embracing the less-social networks like Pinterest and Path, Google and Facebook needs to adapt real fast. [Bloomberg Business Week]

Google’s head Java architect ‘likely’ copied code from Sun. In the headlining lawsuit filed against Google, Oracle alleges the search engine giant implemented stolen Java in its Android device. Google’s head Java architect was found to have copied 9 identical lines of code from his time working at Sun. That might not seem like a lot, but it points to a hole in Google’s ‘clean slate’ defense regarding its production of Android. [The Verge]


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