Pinterest vs Pinspire: Can You Tell The Difference?

It’s not uncommon on the Internet to find websites that offer similar services. Many social media networks mimic each other in features such as Facebook and Google Plus. In this case, Pinterest and Pinspire both allow users to pin links to their website in a virtual pin board. Upon reviewing both websites, it’s hard to tell what the differences are. Rest assured there are subtle differences between the two websites. 

Website & Interface
Both websites feature a grid pattern of pins displaying a photo, caption and comments. At the top of the screen, both websites feature a colored bar with the website name, login information, categories and gifts drop-down boxes.

Both websites let you create an account from scratch, from Facebook or from Twitter. When you open an account using Facebook or Twitter, your information pre-populates from their fields into the pinning website. In addition, both websites post your activity on their website back to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Pinspire lets you simply create an account to join their network; however, it throws up errors when you attempt to log in using Facebook. Pinterest still requires an invitation email be sent to join their network but Facebook integration is smooth. You must provide permission to Facebook for both of these websites to access your accounts.

Pin Board Activity
Activities on both websites are very similar. You view existing pins through your network or through the category browsing. You like the content, re-pin it to your boards for your network and upload your own content. Your content is divided up or organized into pin boards.

In one specific way, Pinspire breaks from the pack. They award points system for your activity on their pinning website. These points mostly let you join challenges to earn gift cards for active participation in the community.

Marketing Opportunities
Both Pinterest and Pinspire allow you to pin bookmarks which link back to your website or blog. This provides referral traffic to your website and gains potential customers.

Both websites allow you to designate items as products for those people who are specifically looking for items to purchase on these websites.

Both website integrate with social media allowing you to share your activity on these pin board sites with your Facebook and Twitter network.

Both sites come with social media sharing buttons to integrate your website. You place buttons on each blot post to “Pin It” to Pinspire or Pinterest. When your readers come across a good article they want to share, they send it to these sites for others to view.

Pin board social bookmarking sites are hot in the social media landscape. People use these sites to find new, interesting websites. In fact, a survey performed by MarketProfs concluded that Pinterest refers more website traffic then LinkedIn, Reddit, Google Plus and YouTube combined. This powerful brand recognition and fan base means it is a must for your marketing strategy.

Which pin board social media site should you use? Both work in a similar fashion. Marketing professionals cannot ignore Pinterest’s enormous popularity. Use both sites for maximum marketing power.

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  1. meeyer says:

    I tried to open an account with Pinterest and (by the time it took to receive an invitation…over 24 hours – May 5 to May 7) found that you do have to have a facebook or twitter account in order to open. The site says you can unlink your facebook or twitter account after you sign up. However, I no longer use facebook (coming on to 2 years since I deleted my account) and I also have no interest at the moment to open a twitter account. So because of this, I am going to sign up for Pinspire today.

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