Pinterest Versus BO.LT

Today, there are more social media options than ever before. Two of the relatively new outlets are Pinterest and BO.LT. These are both tools to help users curate the web. Pinterest does this by “pinning” photos from webpage to a categorized board. The photo then provides a link directly to the webpage that it came from. BO.LT actually copies the entire page to a user’s personal collection. Both sites operate under the concept of culling the best content from the web, organize and share it. However, there are some distinct features of each of these sites.

Pinterest, which has been called one of fastest growing social networking sites, has a user base comprised of a majority of women and has focuses on things like food, fashion, crafts and lifestyle. Sign up is free and a user can create as many boards as they like. Pictures can be pinned to a board via a browser extension or by using the Add button on the site and copying the URL address into the bar. One of the best features of Pinterest is the ability to follow people that a user finds interesting or is friends with. Users can also browse the latest and most popular pins by category. A user can easily and quickly re-pin items they enjoy or want to remember for future reference to their own boards. This is a fun way to discover new websites or creative ideas. Pinterest also allows user to like other pins and comment on the pins. The biggest complaint about this site is the idea of image use and copy write since users can pin images without proper credits.

BO.LT allows a person to not only share a page, but actually edit the page itself. The page that is saved to one’s collection and can easily be shared with Facebook friends, Twitter followers or by email. Because BO.LT is looking to build a community of users that will enrich the site, they have limited the users to people who have received invitations. Eventually the site will be more open, but it is currently still in beta testing. Additionally, BO.LT tracks a users contributions and sharing habits and essentially assigns a rating with an elephant point score. Current testers feel that BO.LT has great potential for browsing the web and sharing content. However, many website owners have a genuine concern that a page that has been modified in the site will be mistaken for the actual site.

Both of these sites help users save, share and categorize content from across the web. Though they seem to be directly in competition with each other, it may be that they each have separate target audiences and key users, only time shall tell

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