Pinterest Marketing Tips For Internet Marketers

Pinterest provides a social media platform for businesses with a photographic or visual component. On Pinterest, you create pins that you share with your network such as photos and videos. Every pin you upload immediately posts to your account and is categorized for general browsing by the network. According to research by Market, Pinterest now drives more traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Reddit combined. This makes Pinterest a powerful marketing platform for branding and selling your products. Here are some tips for Internet marketers.

Your Profile
Fill out your profile in its entirety. Pinterest is a place for people and businesses to be themselves. Let you personality shine. Research shows that people do better than businesses on Pinterest. Use your personal name instead of your business name to post your pins. The only exception to this rule is if your business already has a huge fan base. Make sure to upload a profile photo and information regarding yourself or your business. Make sure to use keywords that relate to your business to help get your Pinterest profile indexed by the search engines.

Your Content
Organize your pins into boards to keep your workspace clean. Upload pins to your products, blog posts and pages. Take pictures of your employees using your products. Create video tutorials of your products in use. When it comes to photography, there is a question whether you should watermark your images.

Watermarking prevents theft of your items by placing your name or business on the image. Research shows that images with watermarks are less likely to be re-pinned to other people’s Pinterest accounts. Only watermark if theft of your content becomes an issue.

Don’t post everything content you have to Pinterest. Only post visually appealing content that is appropriate for Pinterest. Savvy Internet marketers understand that not every website works the same. Pinterest marketing focuses on getting your photos and videos out to your network. Every post you upload to Pinterest provides a back link to your website. Use metrics services like Google Analytics to monitor how much of your traffic is going to your website from Pinterest.

Connect Social Media
Pinterest lets you connect your Twitter and Facebook account. When you upload a pin to Pinterest, you simultaneously update your other social media accounts to reflect the new post. Automation is important to all business marketing plans to eliminate double entry of social media posting. Pinterest automatically sets this relationship up. You can turn it off you wish but you should use all the tools at your disposal.

Integrate Your Website
Pinterest now provides social media tools to help in your Pinterest marketing strategy. You need to integrate your website to be social media friendly. This includes placing buttons on your website that lead to your Pinterest profile. Social media buttons make it easier for people to find you on Pinterest. You also want to add sharing buttons to your blog posts and pages. Help your readers share your content by making it easy on them. When they share your photo or video on Pinterest, you get a back link to your website and a recommendation to their entire Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter network. That is powerful word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Re-Pin Content
Social media at its heart is about connecting with others by sharing interesting, relevant content. Part of social media marketing and Pinterest marketing is reciprocation. You want people to re-pin your content to their network to expand your lead base. Reciprocate this generosity by re-pinning the content of others which is relevant to your business and your network may find interesting.

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