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Since January of 2012, an estimated 10 million users spend an average of 80 minutes a day on Pinterest. Pinterest allows individuals to define their dreams and goals by posting pictures of cute animals, trendy outfits, and incredible places they someday want to visit. Businesses can monetize with Pinterest in smart ways, except it is important for businesses to remember a few key tips.

First off, businesses must remember that Pinterest has its own style niche. The people who use Pinterest love the site’s shabby chic ideas for home interiors and the overall “artsy” feel of Pinterest. Your product will not do well on Pinterest if it is apparent that it is being “marketed” to them. The key to promoting a product is through subtle marketing strategies on Pinterest.

Consider partnering with the top “pinners” or bloggers on Pinterest. The way in which a pinner gains momentum on Pinterest is through gathering a large number of followers. The reason others pinner follow any one individual is for gaining inspiration through the things that pinner pins. If you can get a top pinner to simply repin a photo of your latest product, then you may have a slew of 500 new pinners waiting to repin your product. You may find that about half of these pinners actually visit your website to consider purchasing your company’s product. With every repin of a photo of your company’s product, your product is exposed to hundreds of more individuals online.

You can also promote your product and gain profits by appealing to the Pinterest audience. The people who are on Pinterest enjoy crafts and doing things themselves. These individuals love to learn new home interior ideas or ways to do new hairstyles. Make the home page for your business on Pinterest appeal to the Pinterest audience. Post news articles that might be informative for this DIY crowd. Include a few new ideas from your own business in how pinners can redecorate their homes.

The key to communicating with pinners online and convincing them that your business is top-notch is by displaying your company’s creativity and authenticity. These two values go a long way with the pinners on Pinterest. The companies that ultimately gain a large following on Pinterest are the ones who can appeal to the artistic style of the website.

Be wary of the way your business appears to Pinterest users. Do not try to look like the company that is only out to make some cash. Your business needs to look like it appreciates and understands the creativity that users want to experience. Your business should cater to the overall experience that Pinterest offers its users. The entire process is quite organic, and it is one that your company can easily contribute to by simply repinning ideas every day.

Also, maintain a balance on the number of pins that directly feature your company’s own products or services. Featuring pins that only show your company’s products or services essentially tells users that you are only looking to make money with the website. This can in fact offend some of the users on Pinterest. Instead, limit the posting of direct photos of your products or services to only one or two every single day. Be aware of the number of pins you post that appear to be directly promoting your company with users. You want to maintain a care-free and creative spirit in designing the Pinterest page for your company.

With these tips, you should be able to monetize with Pinterest and grow your business. Just remember to stick to the authentic nature of Pinterest, and your company will go far!

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