Picking The Right Social Media Strategy Makes All The Difference

You need to consider what social media can do for you in the world of ecommerce for no other reason than the fact it’s being used by every demographic. Regardless of your target market and whatever goods and service that you’ve got to sell, picking the right online strategy that includes social media needs to be part of any forward thinking plan for success online.

Remember that any of the social media platforms that you use are only the shells of the campaign that needs to be filled. Usually, when you’re in business, you can find the right filler by looking to traditional marketing techniques like the free offer. Now when you take the adage that social media needs to be constantly updated to be effective, it’s easy to see why changing up an old free offer for something new works perfectly with the immediacy of Facebook and Twitter. Bigger incentives and revamped calls to action are just a few of the ways that you can even take an older campaign and refresh it.

An affiliate program is always a great way to spread the word on the good and services that you’ve got to sell, and when you consider most shopping cart programs will support these, it’s easy to see why they are one of the overlooked marketing jewels that can even help build your email list.

Adding video is another great strategy that works best in conjunction with text. Mistakes are made when people replace the text and link their tweets and posts to video only. People want to see what you’re talking about, but most times they’ll also want to have the option to go back and study the facts they’ve seen in a video in printed form. Remember not to ignore the fundamentals for the more innovative or trendy techniques as well.

Search engine optimization is still one of the more trusted ways to develop your page ranking and while you can adopt a policy that includes social media and seo techniques, you can’t afford to ignore one for the other. Having a Facebook page that points back to your website is great for exposure, but having a homepage on that website that has researched keywords that will attract your target market gives you a better one/two punch.

Finally, you should get more active and involved. Especially where social media is concerned, there’s no such thing as overdoing it.

Rob Starr is a content writer based in Toronto with a strong background in journalism and search engine optimised copy. The author of  three published books, he runs his own freelance Internet copywriting business.

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