Other Ways to Make Money Online – Part 2

In Great Ways to Make Money Online -Part 1 we examined five ways to make money online. The included Ebay, Banner Ads, Specialized Services, Article Writing and Surveys. Today we continue with 5 more great ways to make money online part 2.  

Online Data Entry

Online data entry turns out to be a profitable net job today. The need of data entry types positions are increasing day by day. Data entry positions are increasing because they are easy and don’t require specific skills expect an average typing speed, writing skills and the ability to copy and paste. Please be sure your selection is a reputable company by  verifying the reviews and  comments or other applicable certifications before selecting your jobs. Get rich online scams and frauds over online jobs also are increasing as in the same rate of online jobs available.


If you are crazy for social networking, and have an interest in marketing and affiliate jobs, then you can use social media such as Twitter to promote your affiliate products. These kinds of social media products have huge payouts if you have a large number of followers and hence you can promote easily and earn a quick lump sum of money.


Are you a fun loving gamer? If yes then you can earn money by enjoying your favorite games on online. Yes it is true, certain websites provides you the option to play your favorite games and based on the time and the number of games that you win points will be awarded to you, which can be converted into money.


If your hobby is related to videos creation or you collect rare and unique videos or pictures you can make money as well. These videos and pictures can impress a mass crowd. You can use them to sell and make money. A number of blogs and websites pay for all kinds of content including videos and images.

Google AdSense

World’s largest search engine Google also provides attractive checks. Google AdSense is considered to be a very good source for making money online. You need to have a blog or website to earn money from Google AdSense.

We hope you gained some valuable knowledge on how to make money online. Now get working and start making that money.

Virginia Cunningham is a freelance tech writer based in Los Angeles California. She currently blogs about biometrics, identity security and ID card technology

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