Making Money on the Internet starts with Marketing on Facebook

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you’re aware that social media in general and specific techniques like Facebook have become indispensable tools for making money on the Internet. There are some big differences in the way you need to run a successful campaign on Facebook and the way you did things using other media, and first and foremost is the level of and the speed with which you react to feedback.

This is the age of Internet advertising and that means there are some specific steps you need to follow to foster product innovation and development. First off you need to get more creative than you did when the best way to get to your target audience was with a brochure or even a newspaper ad. Today’s consumer is tech savvy and Facebook friendly and that means running a campaign to get input for your new product and being willing to change and adapt to what you find.

Feedback on Facebook

 Run a contest that will get you the feedback you need and the best way to motivate Facebook users is with some sort of incentive. Remember that while you need to focus your efforts on Facebook to make , it’s a good idea to use other media channels like email, print and even your website. Point all input back to your Facebook page to keep things focused.

Any Facebook Ads campaign that you run needs to have a clearly defined way of measuring your response and while the ‘like’ button is a favored method, there are others too such as Graph API and other Social Plugins that have been specifically designed to let you know which campaigns are more successful than others. Post purchase sharing is another critical element. Once someone has bought and checked out, giving them the option to post to their wall about the experience gives them the ability to have control over the experience. You get more much needed input about where you can improve the entire package.

Facebook Questions: A Two Way Street.

The most important things that you need to understand as a business is the fact that properly using Facebook means traveling a two way street. While there are great tools here like Facebook Questions, you need to be responsive when clients and potential customers use them. If your business doesn’t allow you to do this personally, make sure that you designate someone to answer all of them in a genuine way and always be willing to learn the latest innovations to make money on the Internet.

Rob Starr is a content writer based in Toronto with a strong background in journalism and search engine optimised copy. The author of  three published books, he runs his own freelance Internet copywriting business.

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