Internet Marketing Trends For 2012 You Can’t Ignore

If you’re in business on the web, you already know that the only real constant is change. Keeping on top of what works and what doesn’t can take up as much time as looking for profits if you let it, and that’s why knowing what the trends are that lead to healthy customer engagement gives you a good head start.

Online reviews are becoming more and more important. Your goods and services can be sold right from mobile phones and home computers these days, but people still want to measure their decisions before they buy against public opinion. Put another way, word of mouth travels on the Internet, perhaps even better than it did before we all used cyberspace. Reviews are quickly becoming an essential part of the process and some of the more high profile examples like TripAdvisor have become benchmarks for the hotel industry.

Streamlining your social media approach is another critical tool you need to take advantage of. Consider the following statistics as proof of the fact you need to narrow your advertising efforts and get to your target market straight away. Every minute of every day, the average person has access to almost 100,000 tweets and close to 700,000 Facebook updates. All that means just putting up a Facebook page or tweeting every once in a while isn’t close to being good enough. You need to take a good look at where you’re pointing that information and doing some research about your target market is invaluable.

Social Media will remain constant as one of the golden eggs that you can’t ignore, but it’s good to remember Twitter, Facebook and the rest work best when they are used in conjunction with other advertising mediums. Consistency is the best tool for success. It’s important to draw up a plan that involves tweeting and posting and stick to it. Attracting the right kind of attention is all about interaction and that means you need to get involved and stay that way.

Finally, remember there’s always an emphasis on the essentials regardless of the year and the recent Google updates only clarify this. Links are still the grease the drives the engine of successful marketing campaigns, but you need to reset your focus here and be more selective about the quality of the sites you associate with. Making means you need to be constantly reevaluating the marketing mix you’re using.

Rob Starr is a content writer based in Toronto with a strong background in journalism and search engine optimised copy. The author of  three published books, he runs his own freelance Internet copywriting business.

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