Improving Search Engine Rankings with Link Wheels

When it comes to , many people will quickly point out the value of getting . The more you can get from around the web, the better. This, along with other SEO strategies, is how you can get your website to the top of Google for your target keywords. At least, that’s the idea.

One increasingly common tactic is known as the link wheel and it is a tactic that is making use of the many different web platforms that you find on the Internet.

What Is a Link Wheel?

Not all are made alike. When you get a link from a high authority site, that is “worthy” much more in the eyes of Google than if you get a link from a much smaller site. Ironically, one way that Google determines whether a site is “high authority” is by looking at the number of directed at it. And it is with this basic premise that the linkwheel is born.

Your website resides in the center of the link wheel and then several web properties sprout up that have links pointed at your site. The trouble with just using that strategy is that the “little” links on these web properties can’t hold much value on their own. That’s where the “wheel” part of link wheel comes into the equation.

Each of these link properties, in turn, link to one another. For instance, a WordPress blog could link to a post on Articlesbase, which then links to Twitter profile, that then links to a YouTube video, and so forth. These links all help to prop up the “value” of the web properties and, thus, the link directed to your site gains an added boost in search engine rankings.

Where Can I Order ?

Building up your own link wheel can be very time-consuming and that’s why there are various services out there that can do this for you. ¬†They both do fundamentally the same thing, leveraging free platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, and YouTube.

Pricing can vary substantially, from as low as about $100 to as high as $1,000. These depend on the number of links generated, the overall size of the link wheel, and other factors. The existing web properties in the link wheel with higher PageRank values can further increase the cost of getting your link included as part of the wheel.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Link Wheels

Since purchasing a link wheel service necessarily means that you are paying for backlinks, this is against Google’s rules in the strictest sense. There is a distinct possibility that you could get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and your site could be penalized accordingly, losing all of the SEO advantages that you thought you had gained. This is the risk that you take with “black hat” tactics, even if it is debatable whether this truly is “black hat” at all.

Link wheels are something that should be a part of the conversation and they should be considered, but they may not be the best solution for every site owner under every circumstance.

A professional freelance writer and published author, Michael Kwan has a fervent interest in technology and is actively engaged in social media. Follow him on Twitter: @michaelkwan.

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