How To Get Your Twitter Page to Sing

One of the things that people miss when they’re looking to use social media in general and Twitter specifically to make is the details. Quite often they can get so involved in the immediacy of being able to set up an account and start tweeting right away they forget there’s a few great things that you can incorporate that go a long way for personal branding.

Many Twitter pages have a crappy design but the real pros who understand what using everything that’s available can do start with the Twitter ID.  When you’ve got goods and services to sell there’s no place for a silly sounding handle here. Although there are quite a few people who want to sound cute and Internet hip with these, this is your first introduction to relating to possible clients on the web and you don’t want a misstep here.

Take a bit of time in trying to design your Twitter ID so that it reflects your business albeit in the short space provided. Calling yourself  ‘Shoeyou’ might be catchy if you’re selling footwear, but ‘goodshoes’ is a more direct handle that tells clients you mean business. The same goes for the space where you are asked to fill in your name. Using a nickname here isn’t doing your personal brand any good since people will want to be able to identify with the person behind the account and you will want them to take you seriously.

When you’re asked for a location, it’s important that you take a little time to consider your response carefully as well. Again, the cutesy responses are out and writing in ‘ Western Hemisphere’ or something else like that will only turn off prospective clients and devalue your personal brand. Take the time to pick a location that makes sense and one that is as local as possible so that you can make contacts around the area where you do business.

Finally, it’s a good idea to do a few drafts when it comes to the bio section since you only have the allotted characters to sell yourself and your products or services. It’s important here to make sure that your bio is specific and relevant and that you don’t just put a list of attributes down but try to write a quick blurb that will be both catchy and descriptive. Remember when you’re trying to make money on the Internet you need to think about the scope of all the little decisions you make using social media.

Rob Starr is a content writer based in Toronto with a strong background in journalism and search engine optimised copy. The author of  three published books, he runs his own freelance Internet copywriting business.

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