How Social is Business 2 Business – Social Media For B2B [Infographic]

How Social is – A Closer look at Inside View report

Inside View sometime ago released an infographic that shows the impact of social media in B2B marketing. There’s no doubt that Business to consumer (B2C) aspect of social media has been proven to be a well established working model, business has been able to sell directly to consumers based on their likes, what they follow, etc, business to business (B2B) appears not to have the same level of success that B2C have.

However, according to the a recent study, it revealed that 55 percent of B2B survey respondents search for information using social media, IBM on the other hand reported an amazing 400 percent increase in sales in one quarter, this increase was tied to a pilot program of social selling.


The study also showed that around 53 % of B2B companies use actively in their marketing efforts, this however is in no way compared to Facebook (90 %), which generates about twice as many monthly leads overall. However, LinkedIn wins the race and emerges as the most profitable platform for B2B users. While less than half of businesses actively use the platform, it is interesting to note that LinkedIn returns more leads than Facebook, or blogging for B2B marketers.

Another interesting one here is Pinterest, it has emerged as the fastest growing platform in history generating more than 10 million visitors faster than any of it’s predecessors.

Take a look at the infographic below and tell us what you feel 🙂


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