How Google Make Ads Better and Keep it Safe

It will be recalled, back in January, a BBC report showed that had admitted to running, and collecting money from illegal Olympics ticket sellers in the UK.

Recently, the company just paid a $500 million fine to the U.S. Justice Department, after they have admitted to taking illegal pharmaceutical over several years, the list goes on and on, now the question One may ask is this, Is Google doing enough to make the internet a better and safer place to do business by making and search results better?

Although Google has not been very open in terms of revealing their methods believing that once they open up, the bad eggs would simply learn from whatever it revealed. Google has uncovered a bit on how they manage ad safety with the information found here.

In the video below, David Baker, the head of ads policy Engineering at Google has documented some of the steps they take to identify bad ads and advertisers.

(1) They use automated systems to monitor ads and landing page content to detect scams, malware and such.

(2) Manually review ads after being flagged by an algorithm

(3) They also rely on user generated spam reports

Google is interested in showing you the right ads when you want them while at the same time making sure that they show you ads that are not harmful, they do so by blocking not just the scam but by banning the advertiser.

Here is the full video:

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