How Can I Find A Job With Facebook?

According to MBA Online, Facebook is reshaping the job hunt. The infographic highlights how 16 percent of job seekers found their job on an online social network. In 2011, 18,400,00 Americans said that they found their job on Facebook; Facebook even beat LinkedIn, the platform for professionals. The infographic notes how 50 percent of job hunters actively used Facebook as part of their job search strategy, 20 percent put professional information on their profile and 16 percent received a job referral through Facebook. Facebook’s current profile updates, namely Timeline, can dramatically change how to find a job with Facebook.

Use your network: Tell all of your Facebook friends that you are looking for a job. Status Updates and Notes are good ways to keep your network informed. MBA Online encourages Notes because they last longer in the News Feed. Use Facebook tools
Facebook has free and paid tools that job seekers can use. A good example of a paid tool is the use of sponsored ads. A free way to take advantage of Facebook’s job hunting tools is to browse many Facebook pages and apps. BranchOut is the Facebook version of LinkedIn. Job seekers can connect with recruiters and other professionals with this app.

Facebook’s Timeline

Facebook is a constantly evolving social network. Facebook has recently launched its new Timeline feature. Timeline is Facebook’s latest public profile. The essence of the Timeline is to “tell your life story with a new kind of profile.” Instead of focusing on random personal details, job seekers can strategically highlight their qualifications, activities, life experiences and achievements that relate to the job or industry that they wish to enter. Fortunately, Timeline allows users to hide and highlight the information that they choose. Considering that Timeline tracks a user’s entire history on Facebook, this is a convenient feature of the new profile. Timeline users also can control who sees the information on their profile. Apart from selecting certain people to see posts, Timeline users can also post and delete information.

Timeline – the new résumé?

Many are dubbing Facebook’s Timeline as the new résumé. As Michael Marigolds from The 99 Percent explains, the résumé is dead, and the bio is king. While Facebook’s Timeline might not exactly be what Margolis had in mind, Timeline supports his postulation. Facebook’s Timeline profile is a more animated bio.

In early 2012, recognizing the professional opportunities of Timeline, Facebook partnered with, a printer company that specializes in business cards, to create custom business cards based off a user’s Timeline profile. IBrand Studio explained how users had to “simply go to your ‘Contact Info’ under ‘About’ and you will notice a business card icon. Cursor over it to catch a glimpse of what your card will look like.” After some quick edits and final approval, Timeline users got their business cards. Obviously, Facebook understands the professional opportunities that Timeline opens up, and they leveraged that by this collaboration.

The Dos and Don’ts of Timeline

–Do think visually

Timeline relies heavily on visual content. Users attempting to use their Timeline profile as a résumé should use landscape oriented images. The images should highlight experiences, qualifications or achievements that relate to a job or an industry. Also, be sure to include an amazing cover photo that relates to your career.

–Do remember that your résumé is not limited to a piece of paper

A Timeline resume can include any links to articles that you have published and videos that you have made. Apart from highlighting your own work, you can post content from authoritative sources in their industry. This shows potential employers that you are deeply interested and invested in the market, niche, topic or career. Job seekers should know who the thought-leaders are in their respective industry and follow them.

–Do promote yourself

The easiest way to promote that you are the best candidate is to say it. Job seekers can use both Status Updates and Milestone Updates to chronicle their achievements and experiences.

–Don’t complain

Job seekers should not complain about anything, especially if it relates to an employment opportunity. No one wants to work with a complainer.

–Don’t keep the traditional profile

By keeping Facebook’s traditional profile, you are sending potential employers a clear message; you are letting them know that you are not open to change and experimentation.

Other Facebook updates

Facebook has reported a possible new feature that could change your entire job hunting strategy. Apparently, Facebook is toying with the idea of Highlighted Posts. Similar to the recent release of Promoted Posts, where pages with over 400 likes can promote their content for as low as $5.00, Highlighted Posts will work for personal profiles. Many view Highlighted Posts as the new classified ad. According to Mashable, Facebook launched Highlighted Posts to a small number of users in New Zealand. While some Highlighted Posts are free, they can run up to $2.00. It looks like Facebook is stepping into Craigslist terrain and the $2.6 billion dollar online classified market. Highlighted Posts seem like a great way to promote your job search and update your network on your progress.

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