Have You Tried Getting Social with WeReward?

A short while ago, I wrote a post saying why you should have a special on Foursquare. By encouraging more people to “check in” to your location, you gain the advantage of plenty of passive marketing and brand exposure. But what if you could do even more to encourage more social sharing of your company, business, brand, or product?

Yes, there are programs out there like Tweets and MyLikes that let you buy tweets, but WeReward could be even more interesting. It focuses much more on the mobile market and it rewards members for sharing something about your business through their social networks.

Your Social Brand

If you take a look at the page on how it works, the gist of it is that you can define the task that you would like mobile users to perform. This could be as simple as sharing a link to a page on your website, but you could also get them to send out a picture of them enjoying some product at your physical store.

In the example to the right, a frozen yogurt store requires the user to take a picture of themselves holding a cup of the frozen yogurt and they have to be smiling. Many mobile users are going to want to do this kind of thing anyway, but it provides them with much more motivation to do so at your store. This can then be shared through Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to “spread the word about your company.”

You can even make it so that users can’t claim the reward unless they purchase your product and take a picture of themselves holding it. This is particularly useful for online-only e-commerce stores, since getting customers to take a picture at a brick-and-mortar location just isn’t possible.

The Approval Process

To prevent the issuing of false rewards, has a system wherein the business owner must review and approve every photo submitted. This helps to save you money and it keeps the platform true to being 100% performance-based. You don’t pay for something if the user didn’t properly fulfill the request.

What’s more, you can drill down and get more information about all the users who did take advantage of your offer, including the name, when they took the picture, and where they took the picture. This is all done through the online dashboard. The bios of every user are accessible to you too, so you can further drill down and see if there are any underlying trends about the people who take advantage of your offer. This market research can help you better refine your brand and improve your products.

Inexpensive Marketing Opportunity

It’s up to you to decide how much you want to pay users to fulfill your offer requests, but you have to realize that the more lucrative offers are going to attract more users. The WeReward system is based on points with each point being equal to one penny to the end user. Depending on how many points you want to offer, this could be a very affordable and powerful marketing tactic to use as part of your overall social advertising strategy.

A professional freelance writer and published author, Michael Kwan has a fervent interest in technology and is actively engaged in social media. Follow him on Twitter: @michaelkwan.

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