Great Ways To Get New Customers Via Social Media

While many marketing companies are extolling the value of using social media as an advertising medium, figuring out how to get new customers through social media can be a challenge. However, once harnessed, social media is an inexpensive way of creating long lasting relationships with customers. One of the the best ways you can use social media to bring in new customers is to become active on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the third most popular social media site on the Internet and users spend More Time On Pinterest Than Twitter, LinkedIn And Google+ Combined according to statistics from Statista below.

Pinterest allows users to post pictures that are representative of products or tutorials, and when you click on the “pin” it allows users to go to the site that hosts the image. People also frequently post products and companies they love to their boards. There is a bit of a learning curve for companies start to use Pinterest to draw people to their sites. To begin with, you need to create pins that people will want to share with others. One of the ways that many companies find success is to create blog posts on how to use their products or posts that contain interesting facts about their products. Pinning images of new products is another great way to build interest in companies and products.

Another way that people can use social media to bring in new customers is to make their social media sites interactive. This can involve contests, polls and asking for people to leave their opinion. Consumers like companies that make them feel like their input is valued, and when you get feedback from polls and opinion posts, you are able to tell what people are looking for and how to make your company more appealing.

Finally, another great way to get online advertising and a valued recommendation from popular bloggers and social media commentators that discuss products related to yours is to build relationships with these bloggers. This can involve offering free trials, following them on sites and reposting their articles. Reviews and links from these bloggers are invaluable because people are far more likely to use a product or company referred to them by someone they trust.

Developing new customers through social media takes some time and effort, but it is far less expensive than other marketing strategies and offers an incredibly high return on investment when done right.

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