Gentlemint: Pinterest For Men?

Nobody could have predicted that the current social bookmarking phenomenon would become gender-specific, but according to recent reports it certainly has. There is a current trend growing where social networks are becoming increasingly gender-specific. Pinterest is among the fastest growing social networks in the history of the web. Recent data suggests that the siteboasts over 12 million active users, and over 97% of those users are female. That’s right, almost 100% of the social networking site’s users are women. With such a large population of female users, the question begs to be asked, where is the social bookmarking site for men? aims to answer the question. Many are already calling it the .

What is Gentlemint?

Other than holding bragging rights as the web’s premier social bookmarking site geared towards the mainly man, how does it differentiate from Pinterest? The most obvious distinction is a masculine spin on content. On Pinterest you’re likely to find pictures of fashion trends, home decor, fashion accessories and thoughtful art. On Gentlemint you’ll find the same sort of content. The main difference is that the content is actually geared towards the masculine man. There are obviously plenty of pictures of mustachioed figures, as well as artisan beers, and lots of wood paneled interior home design. Additionally, and a lot like its female counterpart, users can connect their accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

How Did the Site Start? 

The two co-founders, who currently work day jobs for a web development firm, wanted to challenge themselves by creating a social networking site in one day. They holed themselves up for 12 hours, and Gentlemint is the result. They have slowly added features, and hope to soon build an iOS app for the site. While Pinterest was never clearly intended for a female-only demographic, the male-only social bookmarking site went into the social networking game knowing full-well it would be touted as a club for men. While there are no gender-specific requirements for joining, posting female-friendly content may not give your content high rankings on the site.

There is some curiosity as to whether the site will receive some push back in the social networking community. The truth is that the creators did not create the site with the intent of making a sexist statement, but rather to create a fun site for men. On the flipside, the site has yet to be tested, so there is little info that would indicate whether or not the site measures up to Pinterest on a performance or engagement level. So, right now there is little indication that Gentlemint will become an avenue for web marketers to pursue.


The development of this website signals a shift in social media. Interactive entertainment sites like the ones mentioned in this article will lead the way. It is likely to be surprising to see how larger social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus will react to these startups. At the very least, Gentlemint will prove be an interesting experiment in overnight success in the social media space.

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