Facebook Timeline Feature Video — a New Kind of Profile

Facebook as a company is constantly innovating and changing how we express ourselves on our Facebook page, with their new Profile in place you are now free to express yourself with a big banner behind your profile picture. Facebook call this “ cover”. Sam Biddle of Gizmodo referred to this as the greatest and best thing facebook has done. I have started using this feature in some of my¬†Facebook¬†fan pages for some of the sites I own including this this one, I’m a big fan of Facebook as a company even though I don’t spend a lot of time facebooking, some of the materials I have there are old stuff, not because I don’t like facebooking with friends but because of time, I wish I have more time.

Having taken time to look at this feature, I have to agree with Sam, I think it’s one of the best things facebook has ever done, probably the best after the newsfeed, it kind of makes Facebook more like a personal website, a better way of expressing yourself if you will.

Facebook has finally announced a release date of March 30th on Timelines for Facebook Pages, you can learn about Facebook timeline here. Help and Support for Facebook Timeline can also be found here

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