Eight Easy Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Every small business that wants to expand and increase their income should at least try to promote their business through the use of more than one marketing medium. Because advertisement is the deciding factor to achieve popularity and awareness, thinking of innovative ways to promote your business both online and offline is definitely a step in the right direction. Here are eight easy for a small business that you can follow to help your business achieve greater profits:

Create a Website – with the whole world hooked to the Internet, creating a website that showcases your business and its sundry products or services is the best way to create a global presence. WordPress offers great ease of use, flexibility, and professionalism.

Incorporate SEO tactics – Hiring SEO writers to generate content that is relevant to your products and services while incorporating keywords will definitely increase your online presence by attracting more customers.  If you use WordPress as a platform, your website will automatically be optimized.  Your next step would be to start a content marketing and link building campaign to gain authority and popularity for your site, so you can start appearing in the search results.

Employ Online Ads – taking advantage of free or affordable online ads will not only increase your online presence, but it will also increase the amount of directed traffic you get to your website, allowing for more chances to nab a potentially interested client or customer.  You can use Google Adwords and identify inexpensive keywords to target, or use their content network which is less expensive than their adwords ads.

Try out Affiliations – affiliating your business to websites that offer similar products and services as yours will not only result in a marked increase in traffic but your website will have a better chance of being singled out by browsers on a regular basis.

Use Social Networking – if you’re hankering to promote your business to wider range of people, then create a fan page on a popular social networking site like Facebook. This allows more people to view your business and products and allows you to interact with droves of potential customers.

Blog your Business – customers gravitate to business owners that they can relate to or that they have something in common with. Blogging about your ideas, hopes, and general info about how your business is doing will also allow you to connect with potential clientele.

Give Freebies – whether you announce it on your blog, your fanpage, or your website, giving away freebies to potential clients and long-time patrons alike will cement your amicability. Doing this also helps your popularity through word-of-mouth advertising.

Advertise the Old-fashioned Way – if you think pamphlets, business cards, and fly-leafs are obsolete, think again! This old-fashioned method of advertising is still very helpful in today’s technologically dependent times – just make sure you add your phone number, email address, and website amidst all the other info!

Author Bio: Marcela De Vivo helps small businesses and non-profits establish a successful online presence.  She writes for WhoIsHostingThis, a service that supports webmasters when selecting a hosting plan for their new website.  Click here to check it out.  In her spare time she loves to write, meditate, and attend marketing meetups.

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