Effective Tips To Make Your Website Visually Appealing

The success and popularity of your business depends a lot on the impression that your website creates on the viewers. Here are some tips to make your website look visually more appealing and user-friendly:

  • Structure- Decide the structure of your website first. If you are new then you can seek help from website designer for creating your website.  Make sure that your business logo is placed at the top of your website.  Do not forget to include the search bar at the top to make it easier for the visitors to find what they want. Then decide where you want to add your content (including texts, videos, images, banners and adverts). The footer obviously goes at the bottom.
  • Fonts- Improper fonts create one of the major problems of readability among users. In order to avoid this problem, always use universal fonts. Make sure that the fonts are not too small to read.  You can use colorful fonts but do not let the colors make your website look messy.
  • Layout- Keep the layout light and clean. Do not clutter your website with unwanted contents. Leave some white space on the page. This will make your website easy to browse.  If you use stretched layout it will make your page look more visually appealing.
  • Color Scheme- Carefully choose the combination of colors for your website but do not make it look clumsy. You can combine and contrast the colors but be sure to use them only where they are needed.
  • Templates- If you think that self-designing can make website look clumsy, you can use templates. There are a number of platforms from where you can get customized and attractive templates to make your website look more attractive.
  • Avoid unnecessary flash elements- As it will affect negatively the loading time of your website.
  • Add gallery – Add a gallery section on your website It is better to hire a professional photographer to click those pictures. For instance, if your website is about a yoga retreat then add pictures of yoga students practicing, you can also add the pictures of the yoga guru etc. This will add credibility to your website.
  • Include prices- It is advisable to give a description of your products along with their prices. That will help the visitor to know about your business more. 
  • Load time- Make sure that your website take less time to get loaded. The faster it is the better the number of viewers.
  • Navigation- Make sure that the navigation is user-friendly and follow the “three-click rule” while designing the navigation paths.
  • Do not add videos not needed- Do not include videos unless they are needed. If they are needed allow the visitors to play it. Do not let the video start playing automaticall.
  • Music – It’s advisable that you don’t have music playing on your website. Your visitors may not like music and if they can’t turn the music off then they will leave your website.

There are a number of ways by which you can improve the user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal of your website. Follow the simple points given above.

Author’s bio: Ron Jones is a renowned author. He is also an amateur website designer. This article deals with tips to make your website more visually appealing.

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