Branding in a Mobile Market – Mobile’s Importance to Business

Developing for computers is so 1990s. Mobile has ascended the ranks from niche subcategory to marquee platform in the 5 short years since the release of the iPhone. Phones are a common sight no matter where you’re looking – the train, the freeway, the bathroom – everywhere! If you aren’t already developing your business marketing with the mobile world in mind, you’re going to end up falling far behind your competitors.

Mobile Saturation

According to MobiThinking, there are over six billion mobile subscriptions in the world, with the largest markets being the United States, China and India. Six billion is an absolutely massive number, and even though you won’t be able to target everyone in the mobile demographic, you need a plan to get the word out to the ones who will see your business information. Your business website, whether it’s just for information or you sell your products through the web, should be optimized for easy viewing on a variety of mobile devices. While smartphones are selling like hotcakes, not everyone is going to have anything more complex than a feature phone. If you can optimize your site for both types of phones, you’ll reach the broadest amount of people.

Mobile’s Importance to Business

One of the reasons that mobile development is so important to businesses is the fact that this information is instantly available to users from their phones. If they’re curious about your business, they don’t have to wait until they get home to access the information. Instead, they find out instantly what you’re all about, what you have to offer, pricing and other important pieces of information. If they aren’t able to access that through the web, then they might be tempted by a competitor whose information is visible without any issues.

Going Beyond Mobile Websites

Optimizing your business’ website for the mobile web is the first step in getting your brand known throughout the mobile market, but you have options that go well beyond that. Mobile games and applications are two options that give you plenty of flexibility in bringing your business to the forefront of your customers’ minds, and it’s far easier to manage than you think.

Game and application development has plenty of support from online resources. You can also contact any number of programmers and outsourcing agencies if you don’t have anyone already qualified in your agency. You’ll always be able to hire someone to develop a program to promote your brand.

Useful applications and fun games are far more likely to have the desired effect, since you want your customers to be using these programs even when they aren’t thinking about you. Apps don’t have to be complicated or pushy about putting your brand in front of their noses. You just want to develop general awareness. Plus, if the games and applications are really good, you may go viral and get word of mouth recommendations from your customers.

Another way to utilize apps or games is to drive traffic to your site. Since you’ve already mobile optimized your site before you got to this point, it’s rather simple to tie in the website to anything that the game or app is offering. You can open the site up within the game or app if you’d like in order to keep it convenient for your customers. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to access any information they could possibly want about your business.

The mobile market is going to continue to grow larger and larger, so you want to make sure that you’re riding the wave and not being left behind. Mobile optimized websites, games and applications will help you in this goal.

Author bio: Cassandra Gray is a professional blogger for Good Morning Bloggers who has worked in internet marketing for five years. When she’s not writing or staying current with marketing trends, she enjoys spending her time outdoors hiking, biking and canoeing. Follow her on Twitter @goodmorningblog.

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