Book a Hotel, Via Twitter? Find Out How

An up and coming website, seeks to find hotel clients throughout seventy-four cities and in forty-one states the best service through Twitter usage. By using, travelers may select their destination and visit the individual Twitter profile of that city to choose the deal that is right for them.

The mission of is to “help travelers through the world’s newest database: Twitter. We wish to help them find the best updates and deals in the most interesting way.” There are no booking fees through as customers are directed straight to the hotel’s website via Twitter. With the strong increase in on-line booking through third-party websites and the related costs, booking directly is an advantage for customers and Hotels.

Travelers today spend a great deal of time on the Internet when looking to book getaways for work or leisure to find the best prices and accommodation available. is the first global map of resources for hotels on Twitter to make booking travel more enjoyable.

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