Best Twitter Marketing Strategies For 2012

provides an amazing platform for getting your business out to the masses. Research shows that using social media marketing greatly increases the leads your business generates. Twitter marketing lets you engage your customers, increase traffic to your website and keep tabs on your competition all from one Twitter profile. Here are the best Twitter marketing strategies for 2012.

Create a Great .
The first step to setting up your requires you fill out your profile to fullest extent. Make sure to use your keywords for your niche in your profile description. The search engines index Twitter. Use a profile picture of yourself. A logo works in a pinch but Twitter users respond better to pictures of actual people. Finally, use a great background image for your Twitter page.

Create a Great Content
Now that your Twitter page is up and running, you need to fill it with great content. Upload links to your blog posts and products. Never spam your followers with overly promotional materials. Make sure your followers gain something insightful or informative with every tweet.

Offer incentives to your Twitter followers: This includes offering discounts, coupons and deals to your followers on Twitter.

Tweet about your upcoming events and industry news. This provides extra information to your Twitter followers beyond your own business. People love to be informed and educated.

Upload links to entertaining, informative and relevant websites, YouTube videos and blogs.

Use social media dashboards like or TweetDeck to automate your postings: Post to all of your social media networks and follow your mentions, keywords and messages. Make sure not to over-tweet your followers. Keep your tweets between 1-3 messages per day. Make sure each tweet is relevant to your industry and entertains or informs your followers.

Engage Your Followers
Ask your followers questions. This is a great way to come up with blog posts ideas. Answer their questions in a blog post and upload the link to your Twitter account.

Answer your followers’ questions that don’t necessitate their own blog post.

Acknowledge followers who re-tweet. Every Friday use the #FollowFridays hash tag to recognize your followers who re-tweet your content to their network.

Thank your new followers when you receive notification: By sending a simple message thanking them, you create a relationship

Use Twitter-Specific Marketing Tools
Use hashtags to tag your tweets. Never use more than one hashtag in your tweets. Each tweet needs to be focused on one subject. Using multiple hashtags gives the illusion of a scattered tweet without a topic.

Follow your competition: On Twitter, you can follow anyone you want. Follow your competition to keep a leg up on what they are doing. A true businessperson does what their competition is doing; only they do it better.

Use website buttons to follow and share your content: Integrate social media like Twitter into your website in two places: follow button and sharing buttons. On your home page and sidebars, integrate a link to your Twitter profile with the instructions to follow you on Twitter. Underneath every blog post and page, place sharing buttons so your readers have the option to share your blog posts with their network.

Use promoted tweets to increase your visibility: Twitter does not use advertisements in the way that Facebook and Google utilize. Instead, you pay to get your tweets promoted. Promoted tweets end up at the top of the search results page.

Where Twitter was once regarded as a fad, it is now a legitimate social media marketing tool for getting your business on the Internet. No longer a simple platform, Twitter marketing provides the platform for customer service, sales and networking which is critical for your business.

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