Best Social Media Strategies For Business & Marketing: Social Media 101

Social media marketing is a huge trend on the Internet. Social media offers businesses and entrepreneurs a platform to market their products to the millions of users on these social media websites. There are millions of people on Facebook and Twitter on a worldwide scope. The sheer marketing potential based on those numbers alone means your business needs to engage in social media marketing to succeed on the Internet.

Use of Social Media For Lead Generation
Social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are fabulous ways to generate leads for your business. Facebook ads lets you target your potential customers based on their Facebook likes, gender, geography, age and educational background. This micro-targeting advertisement technique means you can make sure your ads appear in the sidebars of the people most likely to use your product. You no longer waste money marketing to people not in your marketing demographic.

Social Media For Customer Engagement
Social media marketing is an effective way to engage your customers and start a conversation. Social media by nature means communication with other social media members. By listing your blog posts, videos, tutorials and pod casts, you provide insightful, relevant information to your customers. They respond in kind by leaving feedback on how you are doing. Social media is a great way to respond to customer disputes, ask questions and answer questions about your products and services. Social media marketing lets you interact with your customers on a personal level never before seen in business marketing.

Social Media For Driving Traffic
Being successful on the Internet means your website needs large amounts of traffic. Social media networks and social bookmarking tools let you back link to your website to get traffic to your latest blog post, product or content. Adding links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts lets your existing followers know about your newest offering on your blog post. It also provides a way for your customers to interact with you on your social media accounts. They can comment on your newest blog post, share it with their friends and like it. When your friends share your content, you get a recommendation and a post on their Facebook all which is word-of-mouth marketing at its finest.

Social Media For Product Sales
Social media marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Now that you have website traffic coming from your social media page, your web copy can sell your products for you. Post new product listings to your Facebook and Twitter pages to give your followers and friends first look access into these exciting new products. Make sure to reward your followers by giving them exclusive first looks, discounts and incentives to remain your social media friends.

Your online marketing strategy must include social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for effective business strategy. Social media networks leverage unlimited potential to generate leads and get customers for your up-and-coming business. You need to get ahead of your competition today by creating your profiles and creating a social media marketing strategy that fits your business objectives and goals.

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