Best Pinterest Marketing Strategies For 2012

comes with a specific demographic. Studies show that the vast majority (98%) of Pinterest users are females. Typically, they are between the ages of 25-45. Before you begin your strategy, determine whether this is who you are marketing your products to.

Speaking of products, is your business a good fit for Pinterest? Pinterest allows you to pin photographs and videos to their website for other users to view. Pinterest is perfect for arts, crafts, photography and video. Pinterest works for any business that uses photographs in their marketing strategy. Here are the best Pinterest marketing strategies of 2012.

Pinteresting Content 
Many small businesses lose focus when it comes to what content to pin on Pinterest. They use it as a social bookmarking website and pin up every link and content they post on their website. This is not the best Pinterest marketing strategy. You need to determine the types of content you think will find success on Pinterest. People who use social media networks don’t want to be inundated with solicitations or advertisements. You need to format your content to be unique, interesting and relevant to what they are looking for. You don’t want to lose your followers by creating content that is over promotional.

What types of content do I post? It depends on your specific market and niche. Post links to your products if they are visually stimulating. Have boring products? Make something using your products and post a link. Post pictures of your employees using your products. Post video tutorials of how to use your products in every day situations. Post your friends’ content. Upload your blog post images. Link to industry news with a visual component. There are an unlimited amount of ideas for how to leverage Pinterest in your marketing plan.

Gaining Followers
Pinterest provides a way to link your social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) to your Pinterest account. This lets your followers on those networks easily follow you on Pinterest. Pinterest also posts your pins to your Facebook page and Twitter feed. Automation is great when it comes to social media marketing.

Another Pinterest marketing strategy is to re-pin the content of others. Sharing is the essence of social media communications. When you re-pin someone else’s content, they are more likely to reciprocate and share your content with their Pinterest network. When you find content that is relevant to your industry which you believe your followers will like, pin it to your Pinterest page. It doesn’t always have to be your content on your Pinterest account.

Pinterest & Your Website
Not all of your Pinterest marketing strategies are focused on the actual Pinterest website. You need to integrate Pinterest on your website just like you did with Facebook and Twitter. Add Pinterest buttons so your website readers easily locate your Pinterest profile. You also want to add a Pinterest sharing button to your blog posts. Let your readers easily share your content with their Pinterest network.

Pinterest Profile
Speaking of your Pinterest profile, is it up to Pinterest standards? You need a profile picture at the very least. People want to know what you look like. Don’t use an industry logo or picture. Also, you may want to consider using a person’s name unless you have huge brand recognition on your side. Fill out your Pinterest profile to the fullest extent possible. Include your website keywords in your Pinterest profile to make it easy to find in the search engines. Under your Pinterest account settings, you set up whether you want that fancy automation to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You also set up whether to post to your Facebook timeline.

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