Best LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For 2012

LinkedIn Marketing involves using this social media network to connect with your industry peers, gain leads and expand your business. LinkedIn is a social media network where business professionals go to network. LinkedIn marketing strategies are great for business-to-business (B2B) marketing. LinkedIn provides a platform for getting vendors, raising funds, getting a job and asking questions. Here are the best LinkedIn marketing strategies of 2012.

Create Your Profile
Your LinkedIn profile is critical to your success on LinkedIn. Your profile must be completed in its entirety in order to be effective. On your profile page, LinkedIn provides a meter displaying the completeness of your profile. Make sure it says 100%.

It’s essential that you upload a profile photo for your LinkedIn profile. Don’t use a logo or business image. Use your face. People connect with other people on social media networks. In addition, make sure to use your business/website keywords in your profile information. Link your LinkedIn profile to your website and blog.

LinkedIn provides many applications to make your profile page more effective. This includes applications to display your WordPress RSS feed, your Twitter feed and your Slideshare feed. Make use of as many of the LinkedIn applications as you need to make your profile a great place to be.

When you set up your LinkedIn profile, you get the option to upload your contacts list. Make sure to use this feature to start your connections list to begin networking on LinkedIn. LinkedIn matches your contacts’ email addresses with profiles and displays which ones are on LinkedIn.

In addition, you can join groups on LinkedIn to interact with new people and gain new connections in your industry. LinkedIn groups are a grouping of LinkedIn users with like interests in a similar industry.

Another option to network on LinkedIn is to ask your existing connections to introduce you to one of their connections. Search for the people you want to be connected to. Find out how close you are to a connection. When you are only one person away from a connection, ask for an introduction.

Update Your Status
Just like any social networking website, you get to update your status. Use this area to upload links to your blog posts, announce events, post industry news and links to other multimedia. Unlike Twitter marketing, you want to limit your LinkedIn posting to one or two per day. This shows up in your connections’ feeds. Don’t spam them.

Establish Your Authority
Answer questions on LinkedIn answers to network and establish your expertise in your industry. People want to connect with experts and industry leaders. LinkedIn provides a forum for people to ask questions and advice from their peers. Locate questions in your industry and answer with relevant, timely information. Make sure to answer the question with as much detail as possible. Make sure to keep geography in mind. When you only work a certain geographical area, don’t focus all your answers on a national level.

Get recommendations from your customers that you can post to LinkedIn. Recommend your connections in your status updates. They may just reciprocate.

Gain Exposure
When you follow all these LinkedIn marketing strategies, you still may need some help with exposure. LinkedIn advertisements let you market your business for a fee. You pay LinkedIn to post your ads in the sidebars of their social media network. This is a great way to gain exposure and connections.

Make sure your website is social media friendly. Add buttons to your homepage and side bar to connect with you on LinkedIn. Also, place social media sharing buttons at the end of each blog post and page on your website. You may get your readers to share your information on LinkedIn.

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