Best iPhone 4S Covers To Buy in 2012

· Otterbox Defender
Extremely durable and stylish, the Otterbox Defender series offers superior shock-proof protection unmatched by the competition. The cover comprises an inner layer of polycarbonate with a built-in screen protector and an exterior silicone grippy layer. Every Defender case comes with a black snap-on polycarbonate holster with a belt-clip. This case is ideal for those who tend to be rough with their phones and would like a smart casual look.

· SwitchEasy Avant-garde
Guaranteed to be a show stopper, the Avant-garde Series of SwitchEasy cases features stunning textured 3D designs on the back for anti-slip protection. Blossom, Chateau, Clockwork and Plank are the different choices available, each in a few colors to pick from. Tongue-tied in sticky negotiations? Let this case break the silence and become a conversation starter.

· Speck Products CandyShell Card Case
Like its namesake, there is a slot to hold your business cards, or to store those of your clients’ for easy retrieval. The CandyShell offers moderate phone protection with its double layers of silicone and polycarbonate, and comes in a variety of sweet shades.

· Michael Kors Wallet Clutch
The designer genuine Nappa leather case for the ladies is very chic to carry alongside their luxury brand handbags. Affixed with a wristlet strap, this trifold case has a panel for the iPhone, and another panel for cards.

· Boxwave Keyboard Buddy Case
Nobody would have guessed your keyboard was actually protecting your phone! The best part is the moment the keyboard is in use, the on-screen one disappears. With back-lit keys, you can text away while walking to your car in the dark.

· Mophie Juice Pack Plus
We talk a lot on the go, and without our charger we’d be in trouble! That’s when the Juice Pack comes in handy. Available in seven colors, this case really is an external 2000mAh rechargeable battery in disguise, and provides shock-resistance.

· LifeProof
Protect your phone any season with this waterproof Military grade shock-proof case, ideal for an active lifestyle outside of work.

· Sena WalletSkin
Well known for its elegant leather cases, Sena’s WalletSkin is part slim wallet part phone case and features a compact belt clip on the back.

· iSkin Revo4
Do you miss your clamshell phone you once loved before the debut of the iPhone? Made of non-porous moisture-resistant premium-grade Japanese silicone, the iSkin Revo4 provides tough protection all around with a visor lid that gives you the option to cut screen glare. Moreover, the silicone is treated with Microban® an anti-microbial product and is free of BPAs, phthalates, PVC or lead, so you can be rest assured that when you get back home from work, your phone is safe in your toddler’s mouth.

· SGP Linear
This case is a two-piece form-fitted snap-on frame, possibly the easiest case to assemble. It comes in eleven colors, metallic, pastels, and neon, you can own multiple cases and switch the pieces to get personalized color combinations. With a sleek finish, the SGP Linear case will easily slip in and out of jacket pockets.

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