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With social media having such a huge role in society, it’s important for business owners, marketing experts and entrepreneurs to know how they can optimize on this situation. By understanding factors such as demographics of Google+, the usage of Google+ and other critical components, these aforementioned groups of people can target an audience and generate more revenue, but also learn about the wants and needs of the audience in order to create more applicable targeting strategies. These 25 facts about Google+ will help individuals to accomplish these tasks.

1. There are approximately 26,000,000 users on Google+ (“Google+ Killer Facts and Statistics). This is certainly incentive to bring business and marketing to the users of this massive network.2. Knowing that 72% of Google+ users identify themselves as “male” and 28% of Google+ users identify themselves as “female” (“Google+ Killer Facts and Statistics) is important for marketing strategists as well. While there are exceptions to every rule, knowing that there is primarily a male audience allows advertisers to focus on promoting products and services that would appeal to this gender such as athletics, carpentry and furniture building.3. What was the cost of Google+? Well, according to “Google+ Killer Facts and Statistics,” it cost $585 million and 500 employees to establish the system.

4. A huge component of social media marketing is knowing what types of jobs the audience has, so that job related promotions can be made. The top 10 occupations on Google+ are engineer, developer, software engineer, designer, teacher, web developer, software developer, programmer, writer and photographer (“Google+ Killer Facts and Statistics).

5. Coupled with the preceding bit of information is the list of the top ten companies represented on Google+, which comes from the same article. These companies are Google, Cognizant, Apple, Microsoft, freelance, Tata, Accenture, Infosys, IBM and the self employed population.

6. A marketing firm cannot speak to an audience without knowing their language. The article also shows that the most represented countries on Google+ are the United States, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, India, China and Taiwan.

7. Additionally, the United States has the largest percentage by far, as the country accounts for over 55 percent of all Google+ users.

8. Anyone who has a Gmail account can easily access the network (“Interesting Facts About Google Plus: Know The Features”).

9. Despite his giving birth to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is also a Google+ member, according to the article “Interesting Facts About Google Plus: Know The Features.” Why is this important? Well, knowing that their leader is part of the Google+ crew may give Facebook fiends more incentive to join and marketers a broader range to target.

10. The article also reminds readers that Google+ does have increased privacy settings due to its circles feature, which is an important component for marketers to keep in mind.

11. Google+ allows people to chat with up to ten others at once (“Interesting Facts About Google Plus: Know The Features”), making it a pertinent place for strategical conversations with individuals across the world.

12. China has put up a firewall due to the extreme popularity of this website (“Interesting Facts About Google Plus: Know The Features”).

13. There are 70 million active profiles worldwide, as reported by Morten Myrstad in his piece “Google+ Users, Facts, Estimates and Trends, UPDATED.”

14. There are one million business and brand pages, giving businesses some of the confidence that they need to start creating their own such page (Myrstad).

15. According to Myrstad, approximately one billion items were shared and received per day in July of 2011, making Google+ the perfect breeding grounds for networking and connecting with other individuals.

16. Visitors are generally on the site for about five minutes or so (Myrstad). This statistic is important because it allows marketing strategists to know how much time they have to really grab the viewer’s attention.

17. Marketing strategists can also have a sense for the types of hobbies and interests that users have, as Myrstad reports that the most visited profile is that of Britney Spears.

18. People can follow their favorites, as of November 2011, Google+ started using fan pages (“Eleven Google Plus Facts!”).

19. According to “Eleven Google Plus Facts” by Luke Ward there will be a system for figuring out real celebrities, so users do not have to worry as much about being deceived.

20. Google+ allows for unlimited photo storage, so people can upload as many pictures of their favorite products and shops as they want (Ward).

21. Ward also states that Google+ does not have advertisements all over the sites, so marketers and networkers need to be aware that this is not a strategy that they can employ.

22. With a friend limit of 5,000 (Ward), Google+ helps professionals to keep networking in check and to an amount that they can handle.

23. In August of 2011, 13% of the population had joined Google+ (“10 Amazing Facts about Google+ Statistics”), helping to put the numbers into perspective.

24. India is the country with the second highest rate of usage with just under 20% (“10 Amazing Facts about Google+ Statistics).

25. 38.37 percent of all of Google+ visitors are adults between the ages of 25 and 24 (“10 Amazing Facts about Google+ Statistics).

Whether these facts are a valuable research or just interesting reading material, they certainly give people a lot about which to think!

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