A Few Solid Keyword Tips For Your Internet Marketing

Ask anyone who knows about making and they’ll tell you there’s a few golden rules that will provide content that translates into customers. Right at front of the list will be search engine optimization and the fuel for that engine, keywords.

Now all too often people just jump right in where these are concerned without taking the time to learn a little about what’s productive and how to use these effectively. Take a few moments to read about some common mistakes so you can avoid rendering them useless in your text.

Don’t be too dense

Pay attention to keyword density. There are some general ideas here and some say that the density should be no more than 5% ( or five uses for every 100 words) while other pundits swear by the one keyword every 100 word rule.  Either way, you need to do some research to avoid spammy content at all costs. Too much of a good thing where these keywords are concerned can make for clunky text that makes you look amateurish. Keyword stuffing can even bring about the wrath of Google and affect your page ranking or worse.  Remember that making money on the Internet means good seo and well written content together. Misused keywords can defeat the whole purpose of attracting people to your site.

Pay attention to placement. Put the keywords that you’ve researched in the header as well as the subheaders and page title. It’s good for branding purposes and optimization since people always have their hands on the mouse with one finger raised and you need to make your point quickly. Put these keywords in the first and last paragraphs for the best effect.  A good smattering focuses people quickly.

Are longer keyword phrases for you?

If you don’t consider what the competition is using, you stand the chance of being left in their seo dust. If there’s no way that you can compete with the keywords bigger fish are using, you might want to consider longer keyword phrases that can turn you more profits.

Finally, you should watch when you’re considering plural words. Most people search using the singular version but there are exceptions that will get you more traffic like ‘ shoes.’ It’s important to be specific. Using just one word isn’t normally good enough and there’s generally too much competition for “shoes” anyway. Here you need to look at combinations “Oxford shoes” and/or phrases “cheap Oxford shoes on sale.”

Rob Starr is a content writer based in Toronto with a strong background in journalism and search engine optimised copy. The author of  three published books, he runs his own freelance Internet copywriting business.

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